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7 Wedding Theme Ideas - Do Any of These Sound Like You?

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  One of the first steps of planning a wedding is to imagine the look, feel, and style that you want your ceremony and reception to have. There are many "themes" to choose from and learning about some of those may help you zone in on a favorite.  Another way to go is to think about all of your favorite things and the stuff that makes you happy. You could also focus on the moments and activities of your romantic journey that have led up to this special day. Once you see all of those ideas written down, a theme may emerge on its...

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Fun Ideas for a Bachelorette Party to Remember

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  Every bride deserves a bachelorette party that gives her a chance to enjoy hanging out with all of her gal pals one last time as a single woman. Most people assume this means a drunken night out on the town but it doesn't have to be that way. (Of course, if that does sound like a fun time to you, go for it! Just be sure to drink responsibly.)  If you've been dreading the idea of this tradition because of the stereotype surrounding it, has a few bachelorette party ideas for you in today's blog that may fit...

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How to Handle 7 Common Wedding Planning Problems

There are many things to do before your wedding comes together and with all of those tasks to take care of, you are bound to run into a few problems here and there. Today has a few tips on how to handle 7 common problems that may arise while you are planning a wedding. Follow our advice for a checklist that's much easier to handle. Too Much On Your "To-Do" List Wedding planning checklists generally contain an overwhelming amount of tasks to take care of. There is absolutely no reason that you should expect to have to do all of them by yourself! Delegation...

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Where Brides Go... For Great Father's Day Gift Ideas!

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  Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, June 21, 2020, this year. is filled with lots of wonderful groomsman gifts which also work perfectly for Father's Day gift ideas. When it comes to the very first man you ever loved, only the best will do! Here's a peek at a few gift possibilities for some of the different types of fathers out there.  On-The-Go Dads If you have moved far away from where your dad now lives, a nice travel kit might be a good incentive for him to visit more often. You'll also find everyday items that will...

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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Fun

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  Most wedding receptions consist of dinner, cake, and dancing. All of those things are fun for everyone, but when you add a few extra creative wedding planning ideas to those activities, then you're putting together a wedding reception that is not only fun for you and the guests but also incredibly memorable. put together a few ideas here today that will help you plan an event no one will soon forget!  More Than Just Dancing In addition to dancing the night away, consider adding a few fun activities for guests that don't dance. (Or, those guests that have danced...

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