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7 Common Wedding Questions You Probably Forgot To Ask

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You can find plenty of advice online, in books and magazines, and from your friends about many different wedding topics, like decorations, venue options, themes, trends, and more. Some of the most common things you need to know when planning a wedding are the things you don't think to ask until you're faced with them.

For example, it may not be until the wedding rehearsal that you realize you don't know whether to stand on the left or right side of the groom. Do you know what you're supposed to do with your engagement ring during the ceremony? has the answers for 7 of these commonly forgotten questions to ask for you in today's blog.  

Where do we stand?

During the ceremony, while you are saying the "I do's," the bride stands to the left of the groom. That's the reason the bride's guests traditionally sit on the left side and the groom's guests to the right. Today, many couples choose to forgo that formality with the guests and have them instead "Pick a seat, not a side!" 

This is different if you are planning a Jewish wedding. The spots are switched. The bride stands on the right and the groom on the left. 

Where should I put my engagement ring?

The engagement ring should sit on top of your wedding ring so that your wedding band is the one placed closest to your heart. That means you need to have it out of the way during the ceremony so the groom can slide the new ring on your finger. Switch the engagement ring to your right hand before the ceremony and then put it back on your left before the reception. 

Which side does the boutonniere go on? 

The men in your wedding will wear their boutonnieres on the left lapel. That's where the buttonhole on a man's jacket is, but if the jacket has no buttonhole or the groom and groomsmen are not wearing jackets, you won't have that buttonhole to clue you in. In that case, place the boutonniere approximately four inches down from the tip of the left shoulder. 

What do I do with the veil?

If you choose to wear a veil that covers your face, there are two options for when to lift it. The person that is giving you away can lift the veil before passing you on to the groom. You may instead have the groom lift the veil after the vows and before your first married kiss. As for the rest of the wedding, there is no set time to remove the veil entirely. Take it off whenever you feel like it once formal photos are finished or leave it on all night long. Your choice.

How do we handle the first kiss? 

Once you hear "You may now kiss the bride," if you haven't thought about this ahead of time, you could feel like a deer caught in headlights! Everyone is watching, so definitely keep it PG. Short and sweet is always good, but long enough for the two of you to cherish that moment. We highly recommend practicing that first kiss before the ceremony so you're not caught off guard. (Plus, the practicing will be fun!) 

How do I go to the bathroom in this dress?

This one is mainly for the brides that opt for a big ball gown. It is very unlikely that you are used to wearing a dress this big and round on a daily basis, and the simple act of going to the bathroom could require some assistance from your bridesmaids. One option is to have them stand in front of you holding the dress out of your way. (If you are in a stall, their body will block the open door!) It may work for you to sit on the toilet backward so that the skirt of your dress is pointed away from the back of the toilet. Awkward, we know, but hey, it's going to happen! 

How exactly do we cut the cake?

If you're attempting to cut your wedding cake as a team, it can seem awkward if you don't know what you're doing. Your photographer can most likely position you for the best photos, but traditionally the bride stands closest to the cake with the groom either behind or beside her. The bride's hand is directly on the cake knife and the groom's hand is placed over hers.


With the help of today's tips from our online wedding store, hopefully, you won't be caught off guard when these situations happen on your wedding day. Before that big day gets here, prepare for it by browsing the many beautiful wedding decorations and accessories that we have to offer at If you need it for the ceremony or reception (or the parties before the wedding and even in your home afterward) you are very likely to find it "Where Brides Go... For What Brides Love!


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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