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10 More Wedding Tips & Tricks to Simplify Your Life

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Our online wedding store's last blog featured 10 Wedding Tips & Tricks to Simplify Your Life during the earlier stages of wedding planning. Today has 10 more helpful tidbits of information that will help you out closer to and on the wedding day. 

Clean Your Engagement Ring

The wedding ring will be brand new on your finger, but you've proudly been wearing that engagement ring for a while now. Have it professionally cleaned right before the wedding day so it sparkles and shines in all of your photos. The jeweler where the ring was purchased will often do this for free.

List Your "Must-Have" Photos

You can trust good wedding photographers to have a list of their own of amazing wedding shots to capture, but it's up to you to make a list of the family & friend photos you want professionally taken. Planning this ahead of time helps to avoid missing anyone on the wedding day. Be sure to alert everyone on your list so they don't wander off when it's picture time. You might want to ask a close friend or family member that knows everyone to get these people together for you. 

Also, if you see any adorable wedding photos that you would like to recreate, let your photographer know ahead of time. That will give them time to plan for the special shot and work it into their schedule. 

Create a Hashtag

Unless you request an "unplugged" wedding, everyone in attendance is bound to have their phones out snapping pictures of your special day. Give them a wedding hashtag to use when they post those photos so you'll be able to find them all easily later. If coming up with clever hashtag sounds too difficult, simply do a Google search for "wedding hashtag generators" and let the computer create one for you. 

Practice That "1st Kiss" 

Most couples don't think about this, but when your officiant says "You may now kiss the bride!" many brides and grooms have a moment of "how should we do this?" Will it be a quick peck or a long embrace? Practice a few different ways before the big day so you're not caught off-guard on the spot. Plus, it's a great excuse to squeeze in some extra TLC before the wedding.

Dress Down For Hair & Makeup

Button-down, that is! You and your bridesmaids won't be putting on your gorgeous gowns until after your hair and makeup are finished. Don't make the mistake of wearing the wrong thing to get ready and having to pull a shirt over your head and ruin all that work. Wear a button-down shirt, or even better, a fabulous robe from while you are getting ready. Our robes make the best bridesmaid gifts!

Pack Drinking Straws

It's extremely important to stay hydrated during all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Avoid smearing your beautifully applied lipstick by always having straws handy to drink out of. 

When You've Got To "Go"...

This tip is for the brides with ball gowns or other types of large wedding dress skirts. It's going to be very difficult to go to the restroom without the help of your bridesmaids to keep that dress out of your way. Rather than scrunching it up behind you and hoping it doesn't dip into the toilet, sit backward. Yes, it will feel weird but you'll be able to see the part of your dress nearest the toilet and a gal pal can stand behind you holding the rest of the gown. (Trust us, it actually works!)

Hide Tissues

There's a very good chance there will be tears on your wedding day (happy tears, that is!) You can hide a hankie in your bouquet for your walk down the aisle so that you're ready to dab your eyes and keep that mascara from running at a moment's notice. You might even want to leave a travel-size pack of tissues on each guest's seat, just in case. 

Set Aside Reception Food

Wedding days tend to be a whirlwind for brides and grooms. Often they get so caught up in the excitement of the day and trying to talk to every guest, both of them forget to eat! By the time you realize how hungry you are, the food may already be put away or even worse, gone. Ask your caterer to make up special plates for the two of you and set them aside. Then that food will be waiting when you have time to eat, even if it's after the reception is over. 

Stash Hidden Cake

Great big, elaborate wedding cakes can cost a lot of money. If you are trying to keep your budget under control, order a small decorated cake to place your wedding cake top on that you can cut at the reception. Then, have a sheet cake of the same flavor hidden in the kitchen to serve to your guests. It can even be cut ahead of time to speed up getting the cake served to everyone.  

Our blogs are here to help you get through the process of planning a wedding and all of the parties surrounding it easily and with less stress. Our online wedding store is here to help you find all of the beautiful items to make that wedding you are planning actually happen. is a one-stop-shop for nearly everything you will need for an exquisite wedding ceremony and reception plus a whole lot more. 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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