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10 Wedding Planning Tasks That Are Often Overlooked

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a ton of tasks to tackle to make that dream wedding a reality. It's easy for couples to miss a task or two along the way, especially if you've never helped plan an event like this before. 

That's where advice from former brides and grooms, as well as wedding professionals like the team at our online wedding store, can really come in handy. We've all been through it so we can point out certain tasks that many couples forget about until it's too late. For example, here are 10 things to take care of before you walk down the aisle that don't always make it onto those generic wedding planning lists. 

Include Yourself in the Guest Count

When figuring out the headcounts for seating, catering, invitations, and other wedding details your vendors will need a guest count for, don't forget to include yourself! Other people that are sometimes forgotten about in this number are your bridal party and close family members. 

Plan for Bad Weather

Nobody wants to think that bad weather will happen on their wedding day, but you need to be prepared just in case. The venue you choose may have suggestions to help you with this but go a step beyond just having a backup-space out of the elements. Think through the ceremony and reception details if they must take place in the alternate spot and have a plan ready.

Have a P.A. for the Day

If you have hired a wedding coordinator, they will be handling most of the "day-of" wedding tasks. It's also a good idea for both of you to have someone close to you act as a personal assistant (P.A.) for the day.

That way you can relax while they answer phone calls with last-minute questions. (Let them hold your phone. They'll give it back if you need to take a selfie!) This P.A. can also be in charge of things like wrangling people for photos, passing out final payments and tip envelopes, and any other tasks that could cause stress on the wedding day. Your planning is done at this point, enjoy the moment!  

Assign Someone to After-Wedding Tasks

You will also want to make sure that someone is in charge of handling tasks to be done after the reception is over. This list includes things such as getting your dress to the cleaner, returning tuxedoes and other rental items, taking your wedding gifts to a safe place, or collecting decorations that are yours to keep. You will be tired and possibly leaving immediately for the honeymoon, so let someone you trust take care of this.  

Know the Time of the Sunset

If you are planning to take those gorgeous sunset wedding photos, knowing the time of that day's sunset is crucial. This will affect your entire wedding day timeline so you can sneak away for photos at the perfect moment.

Your timeline can be adjusted if necessary but the sunset is not going to work around your schedule! It's also an important fact to know if you are hosting an outdoor wedding for lighting purposes.

Have a "Do NOT Play" Song List

DJs generally ask for a list of songs for special dances but they don't all ask you for a list of songs that are off-limits for your wedding. You know, those songs that are often requested but make your skin crawl! If you have any tunes that fit this description, it's important to let your DJ or band know about this list. 

Plan Transportation for the Bridal Party

Many couples make arrangements for the wedding party to show up to the ceremony together, but what about after the event? If you have provided transportation for everyone to the venue, you need to make sure that you offer them a way to get back to their cars as well. Even if they drive themselves to the wedding venue, it's nice to have a plan in place in case anyone needs a sober ride home.  

Feed the Vendors

For weddings that last all day long, don't forget that you need to feed the vendors that will be spending the entire day with you. This may include the photographer, the coordinator, the DJ, and anyone that has to be there to set up early and will remain until the end of the event. Many caterers provide a "vendor meal" option that may be slightly less expensive than what you are serving your guests, or you can just add them to your catering headcount.  

Bring Your Marriage License

This will need to be signed after the "I do's" so make doubly sure that you have included this important piece of paper when you pack for the wedding day. Also, bring any items that aren't necessarily needed that day but you may want to have photographed, like those beautiful invitations you sent to everyone. 

Drink Water & Eat!

This may seem obvious, but almost every single bride, and quite a few grooms, are so busy and excited on the wedding day that they forget to eat or drink anything! If you don't eat before the ceremony, you risk passing out or having no energy to truly enjoy yourself.

If you don't eat with everyone else at the reception, the food may all be gone before you get to it! (Just in case, ask your caterer to set aside a couple of plates for the two of you in the kitchen.) Lastly, keep water handy at all times so you don't get dehydrated.


Being aware of these often-overlooked wedding planning tasks will help you to avoid any last-minute hiccups on your wedding day. Generic wedding planning checklists are a great place to start, but always personalize a list like that to fit the special things you have in mind for your particular celebration. 

Browsing through the beautiful wedding decorations and accessories on's website may trigger thoughts about extra tasks that will need to be taken care of to make your wedding vision a reality. Head on over, take a look around, and let us help you put together that magical day you've been dreaming of!  


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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