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3 Fun & Beautiful Wedding Themes

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You don't necessarily need a theme to plan your wedding around, but having an idea of one in mind can get the ball rolling on the types of decorations that you want to implement. Inspiration can come from the wedding venue, your favorite things, hobbies, or any type of activity, place, or event that brings you joy. has 3 possible themes in today's blog to get your creative juices flowing. 

Garden Wedding

A ceremony or reception in a garden eliminates the need for a lot of floral decorations because you will naturally be surrounded by flowers growing all around you. If you won't be getting married in an actual garden but like the idea, you can create your own garden-type feel with your wedding decorations. 

Flowers on your printed materials will look lovely. You also find love birds and butterflies in a garden, so those can be wonderful accents too. A touch here and there of moss, ivy, and even twigs like you would find in a bird's nest bring texture to your decor, and hanging lanterns with twinkling tea lights bring about a dreamy feeling.  

Wedding by the Water

There are many beautiful bodies of water to get married next to, be it an ocean, lake, or even a river. There are also a wide variety of activities and items surrounding these bodies of water that offer excellent symbols to use for wedding decorations. 

Sand, starfish, and seashells by the sea give everything a whimsical feel. Sailboats bring to mind anchors and nautical ropes and knots, and even a rowboat posing as a "getaway" vehicle after the reception can be terribly sweet and romantic.  

Rustic Wedding

Rustic can take many shapes, including shabby-chic, western, and woodsy. It all has a very natural vibe to it, with plenty of burlap, lace, wooden items, chalkboard writing, and more. This type of wedding theme is at home on a farm, in a barn, a field full of flowers, or even in a woodsy setting of trees filled with lush green leaves.  

It can have a very country-western type of feel, or simply an outdoorsy feeling as if you are one with nature. This type of theme is most often a casual event, but you can add a bit of "chic" to your "shabby" and throw in a few more elegant accents here and there too. 

Those are just a few great themes that can be used for a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony and reception. There are lots and lots more ideas to inspire you in our online wedding store. No matter what type of celebration you have in mind, you are bound to find something to fit your vision perfectly at After all, it is where brides go for what brides love! Let us help you take care of all of your wedding planning needs.  


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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