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5 Beautiful Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

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On your wedding day, two individuals are joined into one married couple. A wonderful way to illustrate this new union is with a beautiful wedding unity ceremony. There are many different ways to do this. In many cases, once you choose a specific unity ceremony, there are many different styles to choose from.

Shopping at our online wedding store gives you access to many gorgeous unity ceremony accessories. Today's blog features 5 sentimental unity ceremonies that you may want to incorporate into your own wedding.    

Unity Candle Ceremony

A large candle and two taper candles are used for this particular ceremony. A member from each of the couple's families, usually the mothers of the bride and groom, each light a separate taper candle before taking their seats for the wedding. The bride and groom then use the tapers to light the big candle together, symbolizing the joining of their two families. 

Unity Sand Ceremony

The bride and groom each have a small vase filled with their own personal color of sand. This could be the wedding colors or just two colors you each love and want to be displayed in your home. A container is chosen to combine the two different sands into. We have many choices available for you at of both containers and sand colors. 

The couple begins by taking turns pouring their sand, in layers, into the container. At the end, they pour sand at the same time. This commingling of sand illustrates the two becoming one. If the bride or groom already has children, the kids may also add a sand color symbolizing the new blended family.   

Rose Unity Ceremony

For this one, three vases are placed at the front of the ceremony venue. The bride's and groom's families are each assigned a flower color. The mothers place one flower in their vase for every immediate family member on their side, including the one getting married. You might choose to add a personalized ribbon to the flowers representing the bride and groom. Another option would be to have each immediate family member place their own flower in the vase. 

When it is time during the wedding ceremony, the couple each take their family's bunch of flowers and place them together in the center vase. This symbolizes the blossoming of their new family.   

Ring Warming Ceremony

All of your guests can be included in this one. The wedding rings are placed in a small pretty bag or box and passed from guest to guest while the officiant is speaking. Each guest holds the rings for a few seconds while saying a blessing or prayer for the couple. 

When timed correctly, the rings should be back to the bride and groom as the vows are finished. For a large wedding with lots of guests, you might plant to have a song performed to allow a bit more time. If letting that many people pass around your rings makes you nervous, you can limit it to the immediate family and your wedding party. 

Wine Unity Ceremony

This is similar to the sand ceremony, but with wine. It's perfect for a wedding at a vineyard or winery. The bride and groom each have a small carafe of their own wine. They combine the wines into a single glass, which they both take a drink from. 

A nice addition to this is to then seal a bottle of wine in a box along with love notes you have written to each other. Choose a future anniversary to open the box and share in the wine and memories together. You could even make this an anniversary tradition by resealing the box with a new bottle with new letters every year.  

A unity ceremony is a sentimental gesture that has deep meaning for you as a couple. At, you will find many wedding decorations and accessories online that will help you add romance, beauty, tradition, humor, and more to your special day. Browse the many possibilities and create a wedding you both will cherish. 


  ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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