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5 Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

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There are many traditional activities that your wedding guests will expect to see at your ceremony and reception. It gets a lot more fun for them, as well as for the two of you, when you throw in some fun surprises here and there!

A few creative wedding planning ideas can turn your already special day into an even more exciting and memorable event than expected. Our online wedding store has a few of those creative ideas for you in today's blog. 

Hire Help

This particular tip is more for you than for the guests. (It is your day, after all!) Hiring a wedding coordinator for the entire planning process helps to take a lot of the pre-wedding stress off your shoulders and keeps you on track.

If that's not in your budget, consider at least hiring a day-of coordinator. This will allow you to leave the wedding day details in a trusted professional's hands so you can relax and enjoy this incredibly special moment in your life. 

Pop the Champagne Early

There is no rule that says you have to wait until after the "I do's" to get the celebration started! Have some cocktails ready to greet guests when they arrive before the ceremony, along with a non-alcoholic option for the non-drinkers.

You could even switch things up and host the cocktail hour first, then the ceremony, immediately followed by the reception. This works especially well for a small, intimate wedding or if you'll be doing a first look and getting most of the wedding photos out of the way before the ceremony. 

Plan the Unexpected

Surprise all of your wedding guests by planning a few "unexpected" moments throughout the event. Choreograph your walk down the aisle or your grand entrance into the reception. You could even break out into song at some point. 

Look toward your heritage, hobbies, or favorite things to inspire entertainment that goes well beyond a wedding band. This could be performers showing off traditional dances from your family's country of origin or a show by the dance squad from the college you both attended. Hire a comedian to do a set mid-reception or a hypnotist to really create a night everyone will remember. (At least, everyone that doesn't get hypnotized!)  

Keep the Kids Busy

If there will be young children invited to your wedding, you will want to plan a few things geared especially toward them. Kids don't always find the same things entertaining that grownups do and if the kids are not having fun, their parents probably won't be able to either. 

This can be as simple as having a table off to the side filled with games, crafts, or coloring books. If space allows and you want to go bigger than that, hire a sitter to watch a room for kids where they can play and watch movies or possibly even have a mini dance party of their own. 

Find Favors That Create Memories

Wedding favors are a fun keepsake for guests to take home. You want to give something away that they will cherish and want to keep. For example, a photo area with props creates lots of fun pictures that can double as a favor if you are printing them on the spot. 

If the favor you are giving away can double as a useful item at the reception they can also use at home later, even better. Offer personalized glasses that everyone can drink out of at the wedding and be reminded of that awesome day each time they use it again at home. A fill-it-yourself candy bar is always a hit too. After all, who can resist edible treats?

Those ideas should have your own creative juices flowing, but we're not done yet! Be sure to keep an eye out for 5 More Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable in next week's blog. If you simply cannot wait until then, head on over to the online store now and take a look around. Every page is filled with beautiful inspiration that is sure to help you create the wedding of your dreams.  


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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