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5 Unique Wedding Items For An Extra Special Ceremony realizes that some couples like to stand out from the crowd and want to find unique wedding ideas to use on their special day. A brand new idea that no one has ever seen or heard of before can be difficult to come up with, but putting a new twist on some classic ideas can be much easier and just as intriguing. 

Our online wedding accessory store has lots of unusual ideas that your guests will be happily surprised to see. Today we've got 5 fun ones to get you started. The first three are unique ways to handle your unity ceremony, we've got one for dog-lovers, and the last involves your guests.  

Heart Vow Unity Keepsake

There are many different types of wedding unity ceremonies. This particular one brings your vows into it in a beautiful way that can be put on display in your home after the wedding.

Our Personalized Heart Vow Unity Keepsake was made to preserve your written promise to each other and symbolize your commitment by "locking your love" in a gorgeous display. First, you put your wedding vows on paper, and after you recite them at your ceremony you place those pieces of paper into the white wooden heart box. The box goes into a golden metal frame which features a lock and key design inspired by the Pont des Aarts Bridge in Paris. You can then revisit your vows on your anniversary each year. This lovely item can be personalized at no additional cost with a single initial, a monogram and date, or two custom lines.    

Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass Set

Sand unity ceremonies are very popular, but most times couples use a glass jar to pour the sand into. In this case, the "jar" is a magnificent heart-shaped hourglass, which can be displayed in your home as a symbol of a love to last for all time. The set comes with the hourglass, 2 sand pouring vases, and a funnel to ensure an even pour. It comes in 3 different styles, and it can also be personalized. You will find the perfect colors of sand to use at too. 

Floating Unity Candle

Candles are probably the most traditional item to use for a unity ceremony. These floating unity candles we are featuring today put a modern twist on a wedding classic. Instead of a large pillar candle, this is a beautifully personalized vase to add water to and float a candle inside. After your wedding, it can be used for romantic candlelit evenings at home together, or it also doubles as a lovely vase to fill with flowers. You can use it again and again, fondly remembering your wedding day each time that you do. 

Dog Ring Pillow

If you don't know anyone with young children to ask to be your ring bearer, or if you have fur-babies of your own that you want to be a part of your special day, this is a unique alternative to a little boy with a pillow. Your beloved pet can be a part of the wedding ceremony by carrying your rings (or inexpensive replicas of the real ones) down the aisle on this 4" dog ring pillow. Simply attach the black band found on the back of the pillow around the dog's shoulders and onto their leash. If you think your pet needs to dress up to play the part, we've got more adorable pet wedding supplies in our online store too.   

Wedding Guestbook Puzzle

Instead of just using a book for your guests to sign or letting them write their names on the very popular guestbook canvases that you see at a lot of weddings nowadays, turn it into a game. Each guest gets to write their name on a puzzle piece to be placed into the puzzle box. You might even ask them to draw something on the front and then sign the back. Later, the two of you get to put that puzzle together and admire what your guests have created for you. Make it a fun tradition for every anniversary, or glue the finished puzzle together and display it on your wall. 

Those are just 5 of the many amazing things that you will find in our online wedding store that can help to make your special day truly unique. The more you browse the many items that you will find there, the more creative ideas you'll start coming up with. Search until you find all the things that make your wedding a very special reflection of the two of you. 


  ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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