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5 More Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Bridal Show

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Last week's blog, 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Bridal Shows, was all about the preparations you should make before attending the show. Today, has 5 more tips for you that will come in handy on the actual show day. (That's when the fun really begins!) By the end of the bridal show, you should have a lot of questions answered and some fresh new wedding planning ideas brewing in your head. 

Pack Your Bag

Taking the following items with you to the bridal show will help you stay organized and have a more successful experience. 

  • Datebook
    You won't get a lot of quality time with vendors with all of the other people trying to talk to them too. Have your calendar handy to schedule one-on-one meetings with the best ones that you want to get to know better and possibly hire.
  • Checkbook/Credit Card
    If you happen to find a wedding vendor that you absolutely have to have, put a deposit down right away before someone else books your date. 
  • Spending Money
    Even with all of those samples being given away, you may get hungry or thirsty. There should be stands to buy meals or snacks, and possibly a bar. Have cash handy in case that is all the smaller stands accept.
  • An Extra Bag
    You may be given a bag to hold all of the goodies that you will be collecting at different booths (fliers, business cards, promo items, etc...) but it's always better to be safe than sorry. An added bonus if you end up having more than one bag is that you can put your VIP information in one and extra items from vendors that you don't like as much in the other. Don't throw away anything until you have for sure booked your vendors though. That way, if you don't go with your first choice for some reason, you'll still have contact information for your second choice. 
  • Your Bridal Binder
    Whether you keep track of your wedding planning with an actual in-hand binder or you catalog everything digitally on your computer or mobile device, have it close by. You can add important information to it while everything is still fresh in your mind plus you'll have all the details you've already nailed down close at hand. 

Dress Comfortably

Comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must at a bridal show. You will be doing a lot of walking all day long, and when you're not walking, you'll most likely be standing. Some shows provide a seating area but most have very limited seating available in an effort to keep everyone moving and shopping. 

Proudly Boast "I'm the Bride!" 

Vendors will want to know which person in your group that they should be speaking to. Also, this day should be all about you and the planning of your very special day, so let yourself enjoy a little extra attention! Many bridal shows will give you a "bride" sticker to wear when you arrive, but just in case they don't, maybe treat yourself to a special tiara, button, or t-shirt to show off your newly engaged status. 

To Go Left or To Go Right...

The tendency of most people at an expo is to head to the right when they enter. If you arrive at the bridal show at the beginning, do the opposite and go left or straight to the middle. That way you will be first in line at the booths that the crowd hasn't reached yet. If you show up later in the day, it's probably a better idea to go right because the bulk of the crowd will have moved on from those booths. 

Don't Be Shy

Today is the day for getting a lot of your wedding planning questions answered, so come in with a list of things you need to know and ask the experts. When a vendor says something you like, make an appointment to talk to them in more detail at a later date. Don't be afraid to ask about discount pricing too. Many vendors will offer bridal show-only deals and you may not know if you don't ask! 

Bonus Tip #6 - Have Fun!

Last but certainly not least, have fun with it! Planning a wedding can be stressful but this is one of the times that you can "play" while you plan. Enjoy the extra bridal attention, be inspired by the great ideas you see, and talk to the other brides. If you bring your bridal party along with you, this might also be a great time to brainstorm about any upcoming bridal showers or bachelorette parties!  

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  ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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