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5 Wedding Planning Tasks He Won't Mind Helping With

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9 times out of 10, the groom is happy to let the bride take over all of the wedding planning tasks. Often, she is thrilled to have free reign, but all of the tasks involved can be overwhelming for just one person.

Plus, the wedding is all about the two of you, so involving the groom is a great way to make sure you are both happy with the outcome and it gives you a chance to spend extra time together during this hectic phase of your life. 

Our online wedding store has come up with 5 wedding tasks below that you can most likely talk your groom into helping with. 

Register For Gifts

Wedding registries aren't all about dishes and bath towels. You can ask for cool things like televisions, BBQ grills, mini-bars, and more. Once your groom realizes that he isn't limited to just the home furnishings department, he's going to be a lot more interested.

Don't worry about asking for expensive items either. After all, this is a "wish" list and your guests don't have to buy something just because it's on the registry. If a few of them go in together on a wedding present, there is a chance you will get that big ticket item after all! Just be sure to include enough reasonably priced gift ideas too so that your guests have plenty of choices in every price range. 

Eat Cake

The best part about planning a wedding is quite possibly all of the delicious food that you get to sample along the way. Each baker that you interview will have cake samples to try and once your sweet tooth has had enough, switch to interviewing caterers and enjoy dinner and appetizer samples instead.

As a matter of fact, those signature wedding drinks will need some taste-testing too. They say "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." You already have his heart, but the additional "edible love" is sure to pique his interest too! 

Choose Your Music

This can be a really fun afternoon or evening spent together. You don't have to pine over a long list of song titles that seem to be endless. Instead, type in keywords for the songs that you are looking for on a station like Pandora and kick up your heels together until you find the perfect jams. If you keep switching between slow, romantic first dance songs and more upbeat reception numbers, you'll keep things fun and entertaining. Getting to dance night with your sweetheart is just a wonderful added bonus!

Shop Online

It can be easier to convince your husband-to-be to help out if he doesn't have to leave the comfort of the couch. You can pick out a majority of the things that you will need to pull off an amazing wedding simply by visiting our online wedding decoration and accessory store.

From the invitations to the decorations and even gifts for the wedding party, you'll find nearly everything that you need at Grab a few snacks and sit side-by-side on that couch with your laptops or mobile devices and search the internet for items you both like the look of. 

Work On Invitations

This may not be the first task that your groom would want to sign up for, but if you are inviting a lot of people, you're going to want some help getting this done. It can be an easy task to do while you binge-watch your favorite shows together. Set up an assembly line on the coffee table and get started.

Stickers make addressing the envelopes even easier. Print out the return address labels and guest address labels. Then, all you have to do is peel, stick, and move on to the next one. Stamps are stickers now too, so it can all be pretty simple. Once the invitations are ready to go, take a trip to the post office together and then head out for a celebratory dinner afterward. 

Once your groom helps you out with the wedding planning tasks above, he just might be inspired to help out in even more areas! If not, at least doing these 5 things together gives you some much needed "couple time" that often seems to disappear while a wedding is being planned. The key to surviving it all successfully is to remember the reason for the entire celebration in the first place - your love for one another. 

The more things you find to do together, and make them fun in the process, the smoother it all will go. is a great place to get a lot done all at once. We are known as being "Where Brides Go, For What Brides Love," but we've got quite a few things for the grooms to love too! 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consult

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