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7 Creative Ways to Keep Romance Alive

Valentine's Day may be over this year, but the entire month of February is actually labeled as "Creative Romance Month," which means that love is still very much in the air! has come up with 9 ideas, some that are a little out-of-the-ordinary already, that can be made even more unique when you add your own creative spins to them.  

Plan a Winter Picnic

Who says you have to wait until spring to enjoy a romantic meal on a blanket? If it's too cold outside, clear out space in the living room and enjoy a picnic right there! When you picnic indoors, there won't be any wind, so you can even add candles to the setting for even more romantic vibes. 

Set Up a Treasure Hunt

This one definitely takes a little creative planning. Write a few cleverly thought-out clues on post-it notes or special cards that lead to a final surprise. The search could end at your favorite restaurant for dinner, in front of the TV for a movie night in, or even with a small gift. The treat at the end doesn't have to be huge. It's the journey that is the really fun part. 

Become Brewmasters or Vintners 

Brewers make beer, and vintners are winemakers. If the two of you enjoy having a glass of either one of those often, find out how to make it, either with a kit or instructions found online, and create a few bottles of your very own blends.  

Take a Class

If the idea of making something together intrigues you, search for different classes that you can take together. As a nice bonus, this gives you an automatic date night every week for the duration of the class. Learn to cook a gourmet meal, take dancing lessons, or find a place that teaches you how to paint side-by-side paintings. The possibilities are endless because there is always something new to learn. 


A great way to get out of your day-to-day routine is to discover new places. You can go big and try to see a new country, or at least a new state, each year, or you can think smaller and simply branch out to local places close to where you already live. The latter allows you to do this much more often. Come up with a romantic memento to collect at each new destination, like a photo of the two of you sharing a kiss. 

Catch a Sunrise... AND a Sunset

The ideal way to do this is to go camping in a place that offers you a great vantage point to catch the sun setting before you go to bed and rising in the morning. If you don't happen to be the outdoorsy type, with a little research you may be able to find a resort that actually has windows that allow you to view both of these natural wonders.

Start a Collection

When you begin collecting something, it gives you the chance to always be on the lookout for your next addition plus the thrill of watching that collection grow. Starting a joint collection gives you a goal to reach together, making it a team effort. It can be items that you have to go out of the house to search for, like antiques or as many different copies of your favorite book that you can find, or simple everyday things like wine corks, bottle caps, or ticket stubs from concerts or movies. 

Keeping romance alive in your relationship is very important, and the more creative you get with it, the more fun it will be. If you're planning a wedding and on the lookout for ways to make your ceremony and reception as romantic as possible, our online wedding accessory store is a great place to look. Start your marriage off on a romantic note and keep that theme going throughout your life together. 


  ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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