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7 Wedding Theme Ideas - Do Any of These Sound Like You?

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One of the first steps of planning a wedding is to imagine the look, feel, and style that you want your ceremony and reception to have. There are many "themes" to choose from and learning about some of those may help you zone in on a favorite. 

Another way to go is to think about all of your favorite things and the stuff that makes you happy. You could also focus on the moments and activities of your romantic journey that have led up to this special day. Once you see all of those ideas written down, a theme may emerge on its own. has seven examples for you today of creative wedding theme ideas you may want to explore. Use these to get your own creative juices flowing to find your own personal wedding style. 


Weddings are all about the love the two of you share, so romance will be in the air no matter what type of theme you decide on. If you would like to carry that romance further and turn that lovely feeling into visible decor, our online wedding store can help you do just that. 

This type of wedding might include lots of flowers, candles, and possibly hearts or a fairy tale feel. The use of script lettering, calligraphy, lots of twinkling lights, and soft shades of dreamy pastel colors works wonderfully. 


If you find decades gone by to be more romantic than today or happen to be an antique lover, a vintage-style wedding may fit your personality best. Keys to symbolize the "key to your heart," ornate designs and flourishes, mismatched glassware that looks as if it was found in a flea market or an antique store. Family members may be able to offer you items from generations past.  


This theme is for anyone that loves glitter, glamour, and being in the spotlight. A black-tie, formal affair with bold color contrasts and bright, shiny decor. This is an elegant event where the bride and groom are truly the stars of the show. Imagine it as a red carpet extravaganza.   


Rustic to you may mean mason jars, burlap and lace, and barn weddings. To some, it's more about decorations that come from natural elements found outdoors, like wood and lots of greenery. Overall, you'll end up with a welcoming, comfortable, casual vibe that makes everyone feel at home.  


For those that believe love and laughter go hand in hand, you may wish to add some humor to your wedding. Bright, colorful designs, fun activities like an ice cream sundae station or having a food truck show up for late-night snacks, or even adding your four-legged family members to the wedding party. Plan playful elements that give everyone a joyous, childlike feeling of wonder and never be afraid to get a little silly.   


If you're planning a wedding near the water, be it an ocean or a lake, go ahead and bring the elements around you into the wedding decor. This could be sand and seashells or a more nautical touch with boats and anchors. 


Finally, for the bride that has dreamed of a classic, traditional, white wedding since she was a little girl, you may just want to stick to the classics. Flower girls with pretty little baskets filled with petals, a cute little ring bearer carrying a fancy ring pillow, a runner to walk down the aisle to your groom, and multi-tiered cakes with your monogram or a beautiful couple perched atop.  

 These seven themes are only the beginning or where your imagination can take your wedding. When you browse the pages of, you'll find even more wedding planning ideas and inspiration to help you discover the ceremony and reception of your dreams! 

~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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