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9 Ways To Tell Your Love Story At Your Wedding

A wedding is the exciting conclusion to your love story as single adults, as well as the first chapter of your continuing love story as husband and wife. The future is yet to unfold, but you can share the romantic story leading up to this special day with all of your wedding guests in a few fun and creative ways.

The Program

You can use your wedding program to share more information than just the schedule of events. Write up a short summary of your love story up to this point and include that in the program too. Reading all about how the two of you made your way to the altar will entertain your guests while they wait for the ceremony to begin. 

A Wedding Website

These are wonderful tools for sharing all kinds of wedding information. There are lots of places online with simple templates for you to fill in the blanks, and most of them are free to use. Many already have a page dedicated to telling your story. While you're at it, there's plenty of space to tell the stories of how you met your wedding party members too. 

Important Dates

You don't need to go into elaborate details about how you met and fell in love. Another option is to simply share the dates of the most important moments leading up to your wedding day. The Our Love Story Canvas Print from is available in a variety of colors and can be displayed at the wedding, then later in your home. 

The Ceremony

Tell the officiant your love story and let them work it into the ceremony to share with all of your wedding guests. You could possibly even find a way to sneak a few tidbits into your vows too. 

Framed Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so use old photos to tell the story of the two of you. You can make a table display in chronological order leading into the ceremony or reception. Another idea is to use the framed pictures on each reception table.  If you want to use words in addition to the photos, write a few "Did you know...?" fun facts to display with them. 

A Slideshow

Another wonderful way to incorporate a lot of pictures into your wedding is to turn them into a slideshow. It can be played before the ceremony begins, and then you can also run it on a loop throughout the reception. After the wedding, you'll have it to look at anytime you feel like reminiscing. 


Share your story in a fun way by incorporating it into reception games. It can be a game on paper where different things are listed and guests must decide if "he" did it or "she" did it. The Shoe Game is another way to do this that always results in lots of laughs. The bride and groom sit back to back, each holding one of their own shoes and one of their new spouse's shoes. Someone asks questions about the couple where the answer is either the bride or the groom, and the couple answers by holding up the shoe of that person. Guests get a real kick out of this when you both remember parts of your story differently. 

The Venue

Choose a venue that was a special location involved in your love story. It could be the place that you met, the spot where you first knew it was true love, or where the proposal happened. Be sure to mark the exact spot where the specific moment happened for all of your guests to see. You could also choose a venue where the two of you spend a lot of time together and mark all of the places where different dating moments happened. 


Pick something that represents your love story and incorporate that item into the favors that you send home with your guests. If you met at a winery, beautiful wine stoppers or personalized wine glasses would make a lovely favor. If he popped the question during a romantic sunset on the beach, give away favors featuring sand and seashells. Zero in on a specific moment or place and pick a favor that ties into it. 

Your wedding guests probably know the gist of your love story, but using the ideas above can fill everyone in on all of your favorite details. After all, every love story is beautiful, but you're kind of partial to yours! 


 ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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