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Beautiful Wedding Memorials to Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed

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With Memorial Day coming up very soon, it seemed like a fitting time to talk about using wedding memorials at your ceremony and reception to honor loved ones that have passed away and cannot be present on your special day. The holiday of Memorial Day is a time dedicated to remembering those who died in active military service. is owned by a 24-year veteran of the United States Air Force, so we truly understand the importance and significance of this holiday. 

Wedding memorials allow you to remember loved ones during the wedding ceremony who have passed away - military and non - regardless of what time of the year your wedding takes place. These are a wonderful way to remind the rest of your guests that these treasured friends and family members are still with you in spirit.  


Memorial candles for weddings come in a variety of styles. Many of the candles you will find at can be personalized with names, important dates, or even an inspirational phrase. It is recommended that you have a special table set aside to place memorial candles. You may also wish to display photos of the people being remembered near the candles. 


You may want to have a picture of your loved ones displayed as a wonderful reminder to those that knew them and as a nice introduction for wedding guests who did not have the chance to meet them. It can also be a nice touch to display cherished items that remind you of that special person. Our Always In Our Heart - Memorial Box Frame lets you place mementos inside the frame along with the photos.  


We also carry a lovely variety of wedding memorial vases in our online wedding accessory store. You can display a single rose for each person that you are remembering, or you can honor more than one person with a big, beautiful bouquet. Some of our memorial vases allow you to personalize more than one name directly on them. 

Additional Ideas

There are many ways to honor these special people from your past in addition to the traditional ones listed above. A handkerchief can be carried in a groom's pocket or along with a bridal bouquet, and it will be there to catch any happy tears that may fall. Our lightweight Miniature Embossed Paper Photo Frames can be attached directly to your bouquet so that your loved ones can walk you down the aisle, and the Memorial Ring Pillow allows them to play the part of honorary ring bearer.  

A wedding memorial doesn't have to be a big production, but rather a sentimental nod to some important people that you would like to have as guests at your wedding. This should be done in a way that brings about fond memories instead of sad thoughts. Just because someone important in your life is gone, it doesn't mean they are forgotten, and can help you to honor them in a way that everyone at your wedding will appreciate.    


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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