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Beyond Flower Petals ~ 5 Creative Ideas For Your Flower Girl's "Basket"

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An adorable flower girl walking daintily down the aisle sprinkling flower petals before the bride's grand entrance is a magical sight. This is one of the traditional wedding ceremony ideas that stands the test of time and is always a memorable sight for everyone at the wedding. 


If you're the type of couple that prefers to update classic traditions, this is a great place to do just that. There are many creative ideas for what a flower girl can carry down the aisle and still create that same magical moment. Here are a few of our favorites.   

Unique Basket Fillers

Varying only slightly from the original flower girl tradition, you can still pick out a beautiful flower girl basket but update the contents it is filled with. For example, match the basket filler to the season in which you will be getting married. It makes perfect sense for a fall wedding to have colorful leaves sprinkled down the aisle, or for a winter wedding, to use shiny cut-out snowflakes. 

The flower girl could even toss items that match the theme of your wedding instead. A musically inspired wedding could have small paper hearts cut from sheet music scattered down the aisle. For a bright, whimsical wedding ceremony and reception, let the flower girl sprinkle the aisle with colorful, biodegradable confetti.

Another adorable idea is to fill the basket with candy kisses and have her either toss them into the crowd or hand them to the guests sitting along the aisle. That would definitely bring out the "Awww... how cute!" comments!   

Full Flowers

Instead of carrying just the flower petals down the aisle, you might consider letting her carry a mini-bouquet similar to what the bridesmaids will be carrying. Flower balls are another excellent idea and usually have a ribbon on them that can easily be worn around a small child's wrist. This idea also relieves the flower girl from having to remember to toss something as she walks.   

Sentimental Signs

The flower girl can literally announce your arrival by carrying a sign that reads "Here Comes the Bride!" Of course, there are plenty of other phrases that can be carried down the aisle as well to add some extra whimsy to the occasion. You can even change out the ribbon for the sign to be carried by to a color that matches your wedding colors. 

Let Her Light the Way

If you are getting married as the sun goes down or indoors in a dimly lit candlelight ceremony, your flower girl could carry a beautiful lantern down the aisle. LED candles can be used in place of a lit flame for safety or you could even fill the lantern with battery-operated twinkle lights. 

Lanterns can still be used in the daylight very effectively. Rather than putting a light inside, fill it with gorgeous flowers instead. 

Pair Her With a Pet

Some small children need a little help getting down the aisle. After all, all of those "strangers" staring at her can be very intimidating. If you happen to have a family pet that the flower girl is comfortable with, they could accompany her down the aisle for even more "oohs & ahhs" than normal. The 4-legged family member could be led by a leash for the flower girl to hold onto or smaller dogs could even be pulled in a wagon. 

Another alternative is to let your pet play the part of the flower girl! We've got plenty of fancy pet wedding accessories at to dress them up perfectly as a member of the wedding party. 

Those are just a few of our favorite alternative flower girl ideas. When you browse through the pages of our online wedding store, you will find all kinds of additional inspiration to create a unique, personalized, beautiful wedding day. is referred to as "Where Brides Go, For What Brides Love" for a very good reason!  


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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