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7 Fun & Romantic Date Night Ideas for the Soon-To-Be Newlyweds

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Valentine's Day is coming up very soon. The stress of planning a wedding can sometimes cause a couple to forget to "keep dating" before the wedding. The whole reason for getting married is because the two of you fell in love. It's important to keep the romance alive both before and after the wedding day.

Our online wedding store has a few creative and entertaining date night ideas for you in today's blog. These will not only give you a break from wedding planning but also remind you both just how much fun it is to hang out with each other without a wedding task list involved! If you don't get to try all of these before the wedding, they'll be just as fun to enjoy after you tie the knot too. 

Have Breakfast in Bed

Rather than a date night, start the morning off with some quality time together. Sneak into the kitchen before your soon-to-be husband or wife wakes up and whip up something delicious for them. Of course, this could easily be turned into a date night if you want to have breakfast for dinner! Simply move the evening meal from the dining room to the bedroom. 

Learn Something New Together

Sign up for a class to learn something that is brand new to the both of you. You could learn to trim bonsai trees, paint a piece of art, or maybe learn to tango. Another option is to take turns teaching each other. Pick a skill that you know a lot about to teach your soon-to-be-spouse and they will in turn do the same for you. 

Cook Together

Instead of just one of you cooking for the other, prepare a meal together. This is a wonderful way to enjoy some quality time together with a delicious outcome. Turn on some music, pour a couple of glasses of wine or sparkling cider, and get to cooking! Add even more romance by enjoying the meal by candlelight. If the two of you already cook together on a regular basis, switch things up by finding a brand new recipe or taking a cooking class together. 

Plan a Non-Food Date Night

Most date nights involve dinner and maybe a movie but there are plenty of alternatives to that familiar evening out (or evening in if you're watching those movies from your couch). A quick local internet search can help you discover all kinds of activities to try out. Head to a board game café, explore a museum or gallery, get a couple's massage, or channel your inner kid-at-heart and play laser tag, have a nerf gun battle, or go to an indoor trampoline park.  

Meet Up For Happy Hour 

More than likely the two of you leave the house together when you go out for date night nowadays. Change things up a little and make plans to hit up a local Happy Hour, but arrive separately. It will feel a little bit like things were early on in your relationship. You know, back when you met each other at a set location or when he or she picked you up to take you someplace. If you find role-playing fun, you could even pretend that you are strangers and turn it into a second-first date! 

Enjoy a Stay-cation

Get away from everything, but not too far away. (After all, you're busy planning a wedding right now!) Book a stay in a hotel you've been considering booking a block of rooms in for your wedding guests. Swim in the pool and order some room service. Make plans to go out and check out some of the interesting attractions and activities that your town has to offer. You'll have a great time exploring parts of the city you've never taken the time to enjoy before and you'll be able to make suggestions to your guests about fun things to do while they are in town. 

Go Dancing

Find a spot with a great live band or DJ and rock that dance floor together! This could even be an at-home dance party if you prefer to stay in. Put on a few romantic slow songs to sway to and maybe even throw in some upbeat tunes like you used to listen to back in high school or college. A night of musical nostalgia is bound to be entertaining for the both of you. 

Keeping romance alive in a relationship is very important. Once the two of you say "I do", there will be years and years of time to spend together in your future. The more creative you get with new and exciting adventures, the more fun it will be! 

Adding a little romance, and maybe a bit of whimsical fun, to the wedding you are planning is a wonderful way to show your guests the love between you two with a bit of your personalities thrown in also. can help you find all kinds of incredible wedding ideas that can do exactly that. Take a look around. We bet the both of you find plenty of wedding decorations and accessories to fall in love with!  


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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