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Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Your Beautiful Bridesmaids

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Weddings are all about the two of you celebrating your love and preparing to share the rest of your lives together. The supportive people that help you both make your wedding dreams a reality, the wedding party, are an important part of the process too.

There are many ways to show those wonderful people how much you appreciate them. Today, we'll share a few beautiful bridesmaid gift ideas for the ladies in your wedding and next week, we'll focus on items that the fellas will love. (Of course, there are bound to be gift ideas on both lists that appeal to both groups!)

When it comes to gifts for bridesmaids, you might want to order the same item for everyone or pick out something different for each one instead. Most of the items in our online wedding store can be personalized at no extra charge, making those gifts even more special and one-of-a-kind. 

Something Pretty

You can save your bridesmaids the expense of having to buy jewelry to match their gowns by giving it to them as a gift. This will be a marvelous keepsake that they can wear after the wedding day too. We offer an incredible selection of beautiful jewelry in our online wedding accessory store and, best of all, many pieces can be personalized. 

Something Comfortable

Giving gorgeous robes as gifts for your bridesmaids is definitely one of our favorite ideas for many reasons. You can all wear matching, personalized robes while you get ready for the wedding. No one will have to worry about pulling a shirt over their head after their hair and makeup are finished, plus the "getting ready" photos will look absolutely adorable.

Your girls will love having something cute and comfortable to wear around the house after your wedding day too. We also sell a wonderful variety of flip-flops and pocket shoes for those times when everyone needs to kick off their heels for a bit. 

Something "To Have & To Hold"

There are quite a few items you and your bridesmaids will need to have with you at the wedding, so something to hold all of that stuff and keep it together in one place is a great idea. We carry a wide variety of tote bags, cosmetic bags, travel sets, clutches, and more that will come in handy. As an added bonus, everyone will be able to use these pretty bags after the wedding too.


Something To Cherish

The memories you make on the wedding day will last you a lifetime, but having some type of physical keepsake to look at and fondly remember those memories is nice too. Personalized jewelry boxes and compacts are fantastic mementos. So are items that you know will get used on a daily basis, bringing back wedding day memories each time. 

These lovely ideas are just the beginning of what you'll find when you browse the pages of our More than likely, you'll want to grab a few of these gift ideas for yourself too, along with all the wonderful things that will make your dream wedding become a reality.  


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant  

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