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Guests Love a Favor They Can Eat - ūüć¨Candy Wedding Favorsūüć¨

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In addition to June being a popular wedding month, plus National Rose Month (which we covered in last week's blog "Take Time to Smell the Roses... and Decorate Your Wedding With Them!") it is also National Candy Month. YUM!!! Guests love getting candy favors for weddings because nobody can resist taking home a sweet treat. It's great for you too because there probably won't be any left on the reception tables to pick up at the end of the night.  

Candy is a winner all on its own, but the way that you present it is what makes it unique and even more attractive. has a few ideas for you on how to incorporate some extra dessert into your wedding planning.  

The Candy Buffet

Anyone with a sweet tooth loves walking into a wedding reception and seeing a table full of delicious candies laid out for the taking! This can be bowls and jars filled with either wrapped candies or unwrapped candies with scoops for serving. It's your choice whether those candies are color-coded to match the wedding or there is a rainbow of choices displayed. 

You might want to make labels telling everyone what type of candy is in each container, and a big sign labeling the table itself, like our "Love Is Sweet Canvas Wedding Sign," is a lovely decorative touch. Make sure that you have enough wedding favor boxes or bags at each end of your candy buffet so that every guest has at least one, but laying out extras in case someone goes back for a second is a good idea. 

Candy Place Settings

Candy also sweetens up the look of each place setting on the reception tables. A pretty container on each plate dresses up the spot nicely, and some of the containers at can be labeled with each guest's name. That means they can also double as place cards. Don't expect most of your guests to wait until dessert to dig into these adorable favors. They'll very likely be gobbled up before the first dinner plate is served! 

Candy Thank Yous

You can also use candy wedding favors as your end of the celebration "Thank You" to all of the friends and family that joined you for this special day. They should be displayed near the reception exit to make sure that everyone sees them and has a chance to pick one up on their way out.

The display can consist of tiered trays or large bowls or baskets placed on a table. If most of your guests will be leaving at the same time, you could even ask your flower girl or other members of the wedding party to stand at the exit holding a basket of favors to hand to each guest as they leave. 

Containers for candy are just one of many excellent wedding favor ideas that you will find when you visit Our online wedding accessory store is filled with all kinds of incredible items and inspiration to help you throw the best wedding ever! After all, it is the place where brides go for what brides love! 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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