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Make Your Wedding Cake Cutting Moment Memorable

Last week's blog, Wedding Planning Tips: Cutting the Wedding Cake, covered the basics. Today, has a few tips for you on how to make this particular activity stand out as a memorable moment of your wedding reception. With some special planning, a little imagination, and some decorative touches from our online wedding store, you can create an impressive moment you will cherish forever. 

Announce the Cake Cutting

Depending on where your cake table is positioned and at what point during the reception you cut the wedding cake, this is an activity that is often over before guests realize it has begun. Make a point to announce the activity in a way that everyone knows it is happening soon and can get a good view. Include it in the wedding day schedule and have someone announce a 5-minute warning over the microphone.

Make It An Event

Rather than just another quick reception activity to get out of the way, turn the cake cutting into a big event within the reception. Consider giving it a theme song and making a big production out of walking over to the cake table. (That's sure to get everyone's attention!)

You could even have the cake table wheeled over to you instead. Cue the festive music, bright lights, and a procession led by your wedding party from the kitchen to the head table.    

Highlight the Cake Table

A gorgeous wedding cake is often a focal point at a wedding reception. Add spectacular decorations and accessories around the cake to make it even more of an eye-pleasing area. The wedding cake topper can complement the baker's design in color and style or you can choose to feature a bride and groom cake topper that resembles the two of you.

Our wedding cake tops don't have to be limited to the top of the cake! Many are designed in a way that allows you to display them on a table next to the cake, so you can even incorporate more than one if you like.

Add flower petals or confetti to the table surrounding the cake and possibly a few candles for a romantic glow. Serve the cake on fancy cake plates with fun, colorful forks. If you have photos of your parents' wedding cake moments, those could be displayed here as well for a nice sentimental touch.  

Two Cakes - Twice as Nice!

Many couples choose to add a groom's cake to the festivities. Traditionally, a groom's cake wasn't served during the reception but instead given out as a favor for guests to take home. Single women would sleep with the cake under their pillow in the hopes that they would dream of their own future groom! 

You can use the groom's cake as a favor, bring it out later in the evening as a late-night snack, or serve it alongside the wedding cake as an alternative dessert selection. It could be cute to cut this cake in the same fashion as the other one, but switch positions and have the bride stand behind the groom instead! 

Whether the cake-cutting at your wedding reception is a short, sweet moment or a big production is completely up to you. Both options can be done beautifully, especially when you decorate the cake table with fabulous items from

You'll find wedding cake tops, personalized napkins, table decorations, cake serving sets, toasting glasses, and more in our online wedding store. Items for the cake table are only a small portion of the many incredible wedding planning ideas you will find at Browse through the different pages and let your imagination be inspired to create the wedding of your dreams! 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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