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5 Money-Saving Wedding Planning Ideas

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Weddings can get expensive very quickly during the planning process. The best way to keep your wedding from breaking the bank is to start with a budget in mind and, most importantly, stick to it! (That's the hard part.) has a few wedding planning tips for you in today's blog that will help to cut costs in some areas but still allow you to plan a ceremony and reception you'll love. 

Shop the Clearance Aisles

Always take the time to walk down clearance aisles in stores that you frequent. Once you start paying attention, you'll be happily surprised when something perfect for your wedding shows up there at a discount. 

Our online wedding store has a "clearance aisle" too! When you hover over the "Ceremony" tab at the top of, you'll find the "Clearance" tab at the bottom of the list. There you'll find amazing deals on some of our incredible wedding decorations and accessories. Many decorations are timeless so just because a store may be phasing something out, that doesn't mean it's not still perfect for what you have in mind!  

Shop After-Holiday Sales

On average, couples begin planning for their wedding about a year in advance. That gives you plenty of time to shop seasonal items that fit the time of year you'll tie the knot after they go on sale.

After a holiday, leftover items will be marked down considerably and many of these are not too "holiday specific" for a wedding. For example, anything white, gold, or silver can tie into just about any type of color scheme.    

Use Double-Duty Decor

Keep an eye out for items that can be used for more than one purpose at your wedding. For example, many ceremony decorations can be moved over to the reception and repurposed. There are lots of wedding favors that can be personalized and also used as escort cards or place cards.

Don't forget about those gorgeous bridesmaid bouquets too. Have your ladies place them in vases on the head table. You get bonus wedding decor without increasing your floral bill! Some items may only have one purpose at the wedding but if you can use it for home decor later, then that's a type of savings too! 

One-Stop Shopping & FREE Shipping

This tip can pertain to both vendors and wedding decorations. If you find a venue that can host the ceremony and reception, that is usually less expensive than renting two different places. Many offer package deals that also take care of the food and drinks as well. When it comes to photos, look for a talented photographer that offers packages that will cover the engagement photos too and possibly even videography or a photo booth. 

When you buy wedding decorations online at, you will find nearly everything you need to put on the perfect wedding without having to leave your house. One-stop shopping from the comfort of your couch!

Best of all, we offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders delivered within the Continental U.S.A.! We no longer ship international orders but we do ship to military APO/FPO boxes, as well as PO boxes.  

Sign Up For Newsletters

Signing up for email newsletters from wedding vendors gives you access to helpful wedding advice, early notice about sales and specials events, and customer discount codes that can't be found anywhere else. When you sign up for the newsletter (at the bottom of our website page), we'll send these weekly informational blogs directly to you! 

If you don't want to worry about flooding your regular inbox, create an email address specifically for wedding correspondence. Once the wedding is over, you can shut down that one email address instead of unsubscribing from all of those no longer necessary emails. Just be sure to add a current email address to any newsletters you would like to continue receiving. 

Those are just a few helpful wedding planning ideas to help you save money on a few things so you can focus your budget on what's most important to you. One last tip is to browse the wonderful online wedding store that we have set up for you at You'll find affordable items at many different price points that will help you bring all of your wedding day dreams to life at a price that won't break the bank! 


  ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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