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More Great Wedding Toast Tips - Who, When, & How

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Last week's blog featured a few Great Wedding Toast Writing Tips. Today we've got some more helpful tips, this time about the people you should expect to be making those wedding toasts and how to fit them into your reception timeline. 

The People That Traditionally Make Toasts 

Traditionally, specific people involved with your wedding are expected to make toasts to the newly married couple at the reception. These lists are a wonderful place to start your wedding planning but as with all wedding "traditions", feel free to adjust them when necessary to fit your specific wedding vision. 

You may choose to have just one person stand up to make a quick toast during dinner or after the cake cutting and leave it at that. If you have more friends or family members that would like to say a few words, here's a look at who usually makes the toasts. 

  • The Best Man
    The best man is usually the first person to make a toast at the wedding. This is both a type of welcome to all of the guests as well as a toast to honor the couple.
  • The Maid of Honor
    The maid or matron of honor often follows the best man's speech. This allows both "sides" of the wedding party to be represented and say a few words about you. 
  • Parents 
    Sometimes the parents are excited to get a few words in to congratulate their child and new son or daughter-in-law. If your parents are paying for the wedding and taking on the role of "host" for the event, you may choose to have them make the first welcome toast before the best man speaks. 
  • The Newlyweds
    At some point during the evening, the two of you should stand up and raise a glass to all of your wedding guests to thank them for sharing in your special day. One or both of you may speak and you may even want to give a short toast to each other. 
  • Additional Toast Givers
    Too many toasts, especially at a large wedding, can make this portion of the event go on longer than many guests have the patience for. The rehearsal dinner is a better time to open the floor to additional friends and family that want to say a few words in honor of the two of you.
      The rehearsal dinner is also an excellent time for you both to raise a glass to the wedding party and family members that have helped you make the wedding day happen. If you do choose to allow unscheduled toasts from wedding guests at your reception, be sure to give your DJ or MC instructions on who should and should not be given the microphone. 

Timing Those Toasts

So, when is the best time to fit these toasts into your wedding reception timeline? That will depend on your specific wedding day schedule and when it makes the most sense with your particular plans. Whether all toasts are made together or spaced throughout the event will depend on what works best with your other scheduled activities.

Here are some of the moments when you should be able to easily fit toasts into your timeline.

  • Cocktail Hour
    If the two of you will be attending the cocktail hour, this could be a good place for the welcome toast to happen. Many couples use this time for wedding photos or a private moment together before the reception instead. 
  • During Dinner
    The meal at the reception is a popular time to get the wedding toasts underway. Once everyone is seated with their meal and has a drink in hand, toasts may begin. This allows you to get them out of the way before the noise of plates being cleared begins and guests are wandering around. 
  • At the Cake Cutting
    Another great time for a toast is before you cut the wedding cake. It's a nice way to make this iconic wedding moment last a little longer. 
  • During Dance Breaks
    If you have chosen to let more than just a couple of people give toasts at your wedding, you could space them out throughout the evening after the dancing has begun. This is a good time for friends that might make the less family-friendly speeches to speak up. Keep in mind though that if there will be alcohol served at your wedding, anyone who is overly intoxicated should be discouraged from taking the microphone! 

Now that you have a better idea about who will be speaking when at your wedding and you've got some helpful tips to give them for writing those special words, it's time to decide what you will be toasting with. Our online wedding store offers a fantastic variety of wedding toasting glasses in all sizes, shapes, and styles. Those are just some of the many wonderful wedding items you will find at to make your wedding dreams a beautiful reality. 


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant  

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