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Romantic Traditions to Begin at Your Wedding

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With Valentine's Day coming soon and, if you're reading this, the excitement of planning a wedding is on your mind, romance is in the air! is dedicating today's blog to romance with some wonderful ideas for activities you can do at the wedding and then continue every year as a romantic tradition on your anniversary.   

Toast Your Love

You'll very likely be giving a toast at the reception. Pick out a set of special wedding toasting glasses that can be personalized and then used again every year on your anniversary. 

You might even want to incorporate a wine box ceremony into the wedding ceremony. For this, you place a bottle of wine into a keepsake box along with a love letter from each of you to the other. Seal the box and put it away until next year when you will open it back up and read your letters while enjoying that bottle of wine (out of your keepsake wedding toasting glasses, of course!) Afterward, write new letters, replace the bottle of wine, and seal the box up again until the next anniversary. 

Strike a Pose

You will be taking countless photos on the wedding day. Pick a favorite one and take a new photo every year on your anniversary in the same pose. It will be even better if you can take that picture in the same spot as the original photo. Over time, you will be able to watch your love grow through the photographs. 

Have An Adventure

Entering marriage is an adventure itself and you can keep the excitement fresh by planning a "Married Bucket List" full of fun adventures for the future. Ask your wedding guests to help you fill out that bucket list by jotting down a few ideas at the wedding and placing them in a keepsake box. Then on every anniversary, or anytime you have some free time for a new adventure, pick out one of those ideas and make it happen. 

Say "I Do"... Again & Again

An excellent way to remember all of the promises you made to each other on the wedding day is to renew your vows every year. You don't need to have another big ceremony to do this (although you might consider that on one of the landmark anniversary years.) A special evening for just the two of you can be intimate, romantic, and provide you with many more beautiful memories. 

 The wedding day is just the beginning of many, many more years of love and romance to share with each other. Let help you get those years started in the most beautiful ways possible. Browsing through the pages of our wedding decorations store online will inspire even more ideas for romantic traditions that you can start at the wedding or even as soon as right now! 


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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