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Special Ways to Show Mom Some Love at Your Wedding

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May contains Mother's Day, which is a day set aside for us to remember how important mothers are, and also to remind the moms just how much we appreciate them. You can also make plans to do the same thing for your wedding. When you are planning a wedding, it's not difficult to incorporate a few ways to show your mom a little extra love. Here are 5 great ideas from to get you started.   

Ask For Her Help

Moms usually love getting involved with the wedding planning. Some couples don't mind a bit, but some prefer to do the majority of the planning themselves. If you happen to be the latter, try to find at least one place where you can ask for your mother's input. She will feel included, but you aren't giving her free reign to make all of the decisions. 

You could request her advice about decorations or specific vendors to use, or ask her to share a few ideas that she used for her own wedding. This could actually spark some wonderful conversation and marvelous stories about her own experience getting married, bringing the two of you closer together. 

Give Her An Important Role

Ask your mother to take on a special role during the wedding ceremony. She could walk you down the aisle with or in place of your father, or even read a special passage at some point in front of the guests. You could have both mothers be a part of the unity ceremony by asking them to light the candles you will use to light the unity candle, or if it's a sand ceremony, they could carry in the individual jars of sand to place next to the larger vase you will pour them into.

Incorporate Her Gown

Wearing your mother's wedding dress is a nice way to pay homage to her, but that isn't always possible. You can instead incorporate a part of her wedding day look into your own by wearing her veil or a piece of jewelry from her wedding ceremony. If Mom doesn't mind a seamstress getting a hold of her wedding dress, you could have it altered to a more modern style. It's also possible to have a swatch of material cut off of the gown to be used as a handkerchief you can carry down the aisle. That last idea is a wonderful way for the groom to carry a piece of his mother's wedding dress along with him too. 

Say Cheese

A portrait of you with your mother on your wedding day is a given, but you can work with the photographer to come up with a few unique ideas of photos to take. Possibly recreate a picture of the two of you taken during your childhood. If your mother won't be in the room when you put your wedding dress on, you could arrange for a first look photo of when she sees you for the first time all dressed up to get married. You could even surprise your mother with a picture of you and your groom recreating a photo from your mom and dad's wedding album, and do the same for your groom's parents too.  

Thank Her

This can be done both privately, just for the two of you, or publicly so that everyone can hear all about how wonderful you think your mother is. Thank you gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom let you give them an item to cherish after the wedding. Publicly, you could incorporate your thanks into a speech at the reception or put it down in writing in the wedding program. 

During daily life, we sometimes forget to show our appreciation for the people that are important in our lives. Special occasions like Mother's Day or your wedding are excellent opportunities to make sure your appreciation is well-known. While you are looking through our online wedding accessory store, you might think about finding something nice for Dad too, as well as your wedding party. There is something special here for everyone special in your life. 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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