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History of the Ring Bearer Tradition

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  A wedding is an event that is full of tradition (even most of the non-traditional ones in some way or another!) Every tradition started someplace and occasionally likes to look back and discover some of those origin stories. Our lovely selection of ring bearer pillows and ring pillow alternatives got us wondering about this particular wedding tradition. Here's what we found out.  Today's Ring Bearer The ring bearer has the very important job of getting your brand new wedding rings safely down the aisle. This role is usually given to a young boy that is a family member or a friend's...

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Flower Girls & Ring Bearers... Oh, So Adorable!

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Flower girls and ring bearers bring youth, whimsy, and pure adorableness to your wedding procession. Our online wedding accessory store is here to make sure that they have all the tools they need to perform their duties with pride. Here are a few tips to have them looking and performing their very best on your wedding day.  Flower Girls  The majority of flower girls are generally under 8 years of age. She and the ring bearer can be a family member or the child of a friend of the family. You'll want to choose someone who is old enough to handle the...

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