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Tasks to Tackle During the Final Month of Wedding Planning

Most brides begin their wedding planning at least a year in advance, allowing plenty of time to get everything accomplished without feeling rushed. Even if you get a big head start, there are a few tasks that really can't be finished until closer to the wedding day.

Most of these are very important items on your wedding to-do list that you do not want to forget. has put together a list of 14 tasks to tackle during the final month of wedding planning. Today we'll look at the first 7.  

Final Dress Fitting

Your final bridal gown fitting needs to be scheduled for about 1 month before the wedding date. That is close enough to the big day that you shouldn't be losing or gaining weight, plus it gives you time to fit in an additional fitting if any adjustments have to be made. 

Spa Appointments

A day or two before the wedding, you deserve to pamper yourself a bit. Schedule a manicure so that your hands look incredible in all of those close-up ring shots. You might as well get a pedicure while you're there too, especially if you will be wearing open-toed shoes. Add a massage to wipe away any stress that has built up during planning. Consult the spa about how long before the wedding day you can have a facial.

Have Your Ring Cleaned

Along with your nails, that engagement ring needs to look its best for those close-up shots too. Many jewelers will clean your ring for free if it was purchased at their store. 

Get the Marriage License

Some states require you to have the marriage license at least 72 hours before the wedding day, so don't wait too long, but they do expire so don't get it too early either. They are good for at least 30 days (some states are longer) so 2-3 weeks before the wedding date is perfect.

Finalize the Guest Count  

RSVPs should be back to you 2-3 weeks before the wedding date so that you can give your final guest count to vendors and finalize seating charts. Reach out to anyone that has not responded to get a definite yes or no so there are no surprises at the reception. This is a task that can easily be delegated to a trusted helper. 

Make Final Vendor Confirmations

During this last month, check in with all of your wedding vendors to make sure everything has been taken care of. If you have a wedding coordinator, this is something they can take care of for you. The DJ will need a final song list, the caterer will need your final guest count, and the photographer will need a list of your "must-have" photos. Some vendors, like the transportation and your hair/makeup artist, will need to be checked in with the week before the wedding to finalize arrival times. 

Buy Gifts

If you haven't already, make sure that you have decided on and purchased a wedding day gift for your future spouse. Write them a sweet love letter to go along with it to be opened on the morning of your wedding. You should also purchase gifts for the wedding party. ( has gifts for everyone on your list!) Don't make this task too last-minute because you do need to allow enough time for your order to arrive. 

That may sound like a lot to get done at the last minute, but it really isn't. As long as you know to be ready for these things in advance it will be easy to make time for them all, including the next 7 we'll have for you in next week's blog. 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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