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Wedding Cake Tops Come in Many Incredible Shapes, Styles, & Themes

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Now through December 26, 2018, is running a giveaway in which you could win a FREE WEDDING CAKE TOP from! (More on that at the end of this blog.) Many might mistakenly assume that wedding cake tops are the invention of a woman, possibly a bride, that wanted to add something extra special to the top of this special dessert. In reality, the inventor was the father of a bride!

Actually, it was a bit of a joint effort. As the story goes, the bride's father was a baker and she asked him to create a symbol of the love between herself and the groom that everyone at the wedding could see. She made the request, but her baker father came up with the actual idea. After trying several different things, he decided to place two figurines on top of the wedding cake that resembled the happy couple. 

You will find many wedding cake tops which feature likenesses of brides and grooms just like the first cake top did while browsing our online wedding accessory store. Of course, today you will find many, many more options than just that! Here are 10 wonderful possibilities, but there are a LOT more to find when you visit

Beach "Just Married" Wedding Cake Top

More than just a man and woman standing next to each other, today couples on wedding cake tops often set a scene.  First, we'll begin with our Beach "Just Married" Wedding Cake Top. It is a romantic depiction of a bride and groom in which she has literally been swept off of her feet. He is carrying her across the beach on which they were just married.  


Some cake tops show off a favorite pastime or hobby that the couple share like this Football Wedding Cake Top. This type of wedding decoration is whimsical and fun, and it will probably make your guests say, "Oh, that is just like them!" 


If you really want to put a smile on your guests' faces, you might choose a topper that shows off your sense of humor. The Love Pinch Wedding Cake Top looks sweet and innocent from the front, but it's hiding a secret in the back! It might be fun to see how long it takes your guests to notice. 


If you would like to combine a bit of traditional and modern, something like this Take My Hand Cake Topper fits that description nicely. While many of the cake tops at can be customized to match the hair color of the bride and groom, something like this leaves a little more up to the viewer's imagination.   


As we mentioned earlier, there are many more choices for the decoration on top of your cake than a bride and groom. Monograms make a very chic design and can be found in a variety of colors. The Silver Rhinestone Monogram Cake Top even comes with a bit of bling. 


Advertising your new status as "Mr. & Mrs." sends a very simple message that is absolutely perfect for the top of your cake. This particular Mr. & Mrs. Bow Tie Cake Top even has an adorable bow tie added for a sweet finishing touch. 


Another excellent idea is a piece of art that can be displayed in your home after the wedding as a keepsake. This Acrylic Heart Wedding Cake Top can even be personalized with an engraving of your initials or names and wedding date. 


You can also choose a topper to later display in your home that matches the theme of your wedding or reminds you of where it took place. A destination wedding on a beach is the perfect theme to match our Coastal Shells Wedding Cake Top.


A sweet saying or sentimental message can be shown off on the top of your wedding cake. For example, let everyone know what's going on with this Love Is In The Air Personalized Cake Top that even comes with adorable love birds.  


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a symbol of love and romance works just as well to tell your story. Hearts tell this tale beautifully. We carry a wide variety of colors and styles. Some even match specific themes like the Country Flair Western Wedding Cake Top.  


So you see, no matter what your style may be, you can easily find the perfect cake top to match your wedding when you shop at Right now, you can even get that cake top absolutely free if you win the cake top giveaway

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 ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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