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Wedding Inspiration - 5 Beautiful Themes To Make Your Own

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When planning a wedding, you can literally name a theme, such as "A Night in Paris" and decorate everything with a romantic, French flair. The "theme" can also be something more subtle, such as a specific color scheme or possibly influenced by an activity that you enjoy as a couple. It's your wedding, so keep it as understated or as extravagant as will make you happy! 

The "theme" you choose to follow doesn't have to take over the entire event. Let it inspire decisions along the way that will combine to create a wedding that you both will love. has 5 wonderful suggestions in today's blog to get you started. 


This actually covers a wide range of possibilities, depending on what you find romantic. Classic themes of traditional weddings, such as roses, candles, and pastel colors do this beautifully. You might also choose to "tell your love story" with more of a fairy tale theme. Yet another way to go is to use rich colors such as deep, sensual rose reds.  


A rustic theme can take many shapes, including shabby-chic, western, garden-inspired, and woodsy. It all has a very natural vibe to it, with plenty of burlaps, lace, wooden items, chalkboard writing, and more. This type of wedding theme is at home on a farm, in a barn, a field full of flowers, or even in a woodsy setting of trees filled with lush green leaves.  


If you're more of a "city gal," you may prefer shimmer and sparkles over a nature-inspired look. Imagine recreating a huge red carpet gala where everyone and everything looks like a million bucks. 

The shine of silver and gold accents add elegance. You can throw in a bit (or a lot) of glitter here and there to create a festive atmosphere to put all of your guests in the mood to dance the night away.  


Vineyards are a popular venue for getting married. This is often a perfect place to combine the natural look of the grapevines and wine barrels with a more sophisticated reception atmosphere. Styles from rustic to glamorous work wonderfully in this type of space. You may even be able to use a bit of both together in your wedding decor.  


There are many beautiful bodies of water to get married next to, be it an ocean, a lake, or even a river. There are also a wide variety of activities and items surrounding these bodies of water that offer excellent symbols to use for wedding decorations. From sand, shells, and starfish to nautical ropes, knots, and anchors, you have a lot of gorgeous items that can be incorporated. 

These are just a few wedding planning ideas to get you started. You'll find a lot more inspiration by browsing the pages at Choosing a theme for your wedding doesn't have to be difficult. Start with the things that you love and a "theme" will emerge on its own. Once that happens, our online wedding store can help you find the items that match your ideas perfectly! 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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