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Wedding Items You Can Use Again After the Wedding

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You need a lot of "stuff" to plan the wedding of your dreams. If you can use some of that stuff again after the wedding too, then you're getting a great deal for the money you spend. For example, the items in today's blog from our online wedding store are all things that can easily be used in your everyday life after the ceremony and reception are over.

Toasting Flutes

The beautiful glasses that you use at the wedding reception to toast your new status as husband and wife are the perfect keepsakes to pull out every year on your anniversary. You don't have to save them for only that one day a year, but instead, use these special glasses to toast all of the special events in your life together. 


You'll need vases to hold the beautiful flower arrangements on the tables at your wedding. These will also make lovely decorations around your home afterward. If you end up with more than you want for your own home, they can also double as wonderful thank-you gifts for your wedding party and family members to take home and display. 

Table Runners

A gorgeous personalized table runner is the perfect addition to your head table at the reception. They also look fantastic on gift tables, dessert tables, memory tables, and more. You can either save it for special dinners you host in your home after the wedding or display it year-round on a side table in your house. 


Decorative signs displayed at your wedding make excellent wall decor in your new home together. These come in the form of canvas prints, hanging signs, and even guest book alternatives that double as wall art. 


The lovely jewelry that you and your bridesmaids wear on the wedding day should also be pieces that you can fondly wear for a very long time after that. Not only will it bring beauty to your daily look, but also a nostalgic feeling that takes you back to the day you said, "I do!" 

Sand Ceremony Sets 

A wedding sand ceremony is a popular trend that leaves you with a beautiful keepsake after the wedding. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the sand color can either be personalized to match your wedding colors or your favorite colors. If you choose a set that also comes with tall, thin vases to hold the sand before it is poured into the main container, these make excellent bud vases to display next to the completed sand ceremony piece. 

The very best part about re-using wedding decorations, in addition to saving money by giving them more than one purpose, is the fact that every time you use or see that item, it will remind you of one of the best days of your life! Head on over to and take a look around. You'll not only find tons of wonderful items to use for your wedding but also many, many things you can proudly display in your home together after you say "I do!" 


  ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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