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Which Wedding Cake Top Is Right For Your Wedding?

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Each wedding is unique because every couple's love story is different. There are many wedding ceremony and reception ideas to personalize your special day to reflect the love between you two. One place in particular to do this is on top of the wedding cake. 

The wedding cake is often a focal point at the reception. Show off some of your personality or reflect the overall "theme" of the event by using the perfect wedding cake topper. Just which one is perfect for you? Below we have featured a few of the many wedding cake tops that you will find at to help inspire that decision.


Some couples prefer to go the traditional route. This could be a lovely topper portraying a likeness of the couple standing side by side or even in a loving embrace. Monograms with the initials you both now share are also a wonderful way to decorate the top of your cake. 


This day is all about the love that has grown between the two of you, so something romantic on the top tier fits right in. Hearts, lovebirds, hugs, kisses, and figures staring deeply into each other's eyes are all excellent ways to show off a little romance.  


A couple with a great sense of humor will have no trouble finding something humorous to top the wedding cake with in our online wedding store. From selfie-takers to flirty poses and more, there are plenty of cake toppers along those lines that are sure to bring a smile and a few giggles to your guests.   


Sweet phrases and romantic sayings are another wonderful way to convey a message on the top of your wedding dessert. Instead of assuming that a "picture" is worth a thousand words, just go ahead and say exactly what you want to say with actual words! 

Shared Interests

Another option for a great way to top the wedding cake is to show off a common hobby, activity, or interest that the two of you share. For example, carries many different types of sport-themed cake tops as well as toppers showing off your love of travel, cars, motorcycles, the beach, and a whole lot more. 

 These examples are an excellent place to start the search for your own perfect wedding cake topper, but the featured cake tops above are only a small sampling of the many, many different cake tops we've got waiting for you to discover! Head on over to right now and take a look around. With so many styles, you're bound to find at least one (but more likely, quite a few) to fall in love with! 


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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