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Flower Girls & Ring Bearers... Oh, So Adorable!

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Flower girls and ring bearers bring youth, whimsy, and pure adorableness to your wedding procession. Our online wedding accessory store is here to make sure that they have all the tools they need to perform their duties with pride. Here are a few tips to have them looking and performing their very best on your wedding day.  Flower Girls  The majority of flower girls are generally under 8 years of age. She and the ring bearer can be a family member or the child of a friend of the family. You'll want to choose someone who is old enough to handle the...

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3 Fun & Beautiful Wedding Themes

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You don't necessarily need a theme to plan your wedding around, but having an idea of one in mind can get the ball rolling on the types of decorations that you want to implement. Inspiration can come from the wedding venue, your favorite things, hobbies, or any type of activity, place, or event that brings you joy. has 3 possible themes in today's blog to get your creative juices flowing.  Garden Wedding A ceremony or reception in a garden eliminates the need for a lot of floral decorations because you will naturally be surrounded by flowers growing all around you. If...

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All of the Best Items For Your Pre-Wedding Parties

bachelorette parties engagement parties engagement parties bridal showers pre-wedding parties weddings is known for being "Where brides go, for what brides love" for the wedding, and it's also the perfect place to find all of the best supplies, decorations, and ideas for all of the parties that will be thrown before the actual wedding day too. There are lots of opportunities to celebrate your upcoming marriage, and we've got everything that you will need to make that happen.  Engagement Parties You may have friends or family members that want to throw you an engagement party, and some couples even decide to throw one for themselves as a way to make the engagement...

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DIY For Your Wedding, Made Simple By

Many brides want to add a personal touch to their wedding by implementing their DIY skills. That's a great idea, but it can also be a very time-consuming one. It is possible to take on DIY wedding projects if you have one of two things (or preferably both): lots of time before the wedding or plenty of help! is a great place to start looking for some of that help. Our online wedding accessory store carries a wonderful variety of DIY wedding items where a lot of the work is already done for you. The basics are there, and...

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10 of Our Favorite Wedding Cake Toppers

Among the many, many online wedding accessories that we carry at, one of the most interesting items to browse through are the fantastic wedding cake tops. There seriously is a style for everyone out there! Romantic, whimsical, rustic, traditional, funny, sporty, seasonal, elegant... the list goes on and on. While we love each and every one of them for unique reasons, here are 10 that happened to catch our eye today. (Of course, if we look through them again and you ask us tomorrow, we'll probably have a different list to share. They are all so gorgeous!)    This...

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