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7 Creative Ways to Add More Fun to Your Wedding

There are lots of things that your guests will expect to see when they attend your wedding, but it can be a lot more fun and memorable for everyone if you add in a few surprises. When you let yourself get creative while you are planning a wedding, it will make the entire experience not only more enjoyable but also more personalized. Today has a few ideas you may want to try.   Pop the Champagne Early Who says you have to wait until after the "I do's" to get the celebration started? Have some cocktails ready for your guests...

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5 MORE Wedding Costs You Probably Forgot To Budget For

Continuing last week's subject about wedding costs you probably didn't budget for, today we've got 5 more things that couples usually don't realize they will need to set money aside for. Even when it's a small item, lots of small items put together can add up quickly! Take care of these early in the wedding planning stages and you won't have to worry about them causing you to go over budget later.    Alterations, Undergarments & Accessories You've undoubtedly figured the price of your bridal gown into your original budget, but the price you pay will not include any necessary...

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5 Wedding Costs You Probably Forgot To Budget For

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is figuring out a wedding budget that you are comfortable with. The next challenge is sticking to it! Even the most organized person that is generally great with money may have a little trouble due to the many "unexpected" costs involved with planning a wedding. To help you avoid being surprised by some of those things, has put together a list of commonly forgotten wedding items that you need to make room for in your budget.  Postage You know that some of your budget will need to go toward wedding invitations to let...

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