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Guest Book Alternatives

Nowadays, there are many wedding guest book alternatives to the traditional wedding guest book. carries a wide assortment of wedding guest book alternatives that are a great way to capture the signatures of your dear friends and family that attend your wedding.

From wrapped canvas guest books to marriage advice cards, there are multiple innovative ways to get your guests involved in creating a lasting memento of your wedding you can go back to time and again. Signature mats and posters become works of art to be displayed on the mantelpiece, or you can have guest’s fill-in-the-blank their best advice or best memories of the couple on pre-printed paper forms that you can then enjoy reading on your honeymoon. Another popular option is having guests fill out their names and a small message on wooden chips stored in a beautiful keepsake box.

Whichever wedding guest book alternatives you choose, make sure to have a member of your wedding party be responsible for making sure it gets passed around and that guests actually sign it, hopefully before the wine kicks in and it becomes a forgotten task or a neglected chore.

A wedding is a special day which will guarantee beautiful memories that will stay with you forever. Each guest plays a role in ensuring that every aspect of the ceremony delights the bride and groom, and they each contribute something special to the occasion. Their blessings and and care are communicated in a way the couple will remember forever through the wedding guest book, so make it fun and accessible for your guests to do so. Guest book alternatives make it fun for you to remember your wonderful day in a fresh and unique way, so have fun with it.