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Unity Candle Sets

The Unity Ceremony, while a recent addition to traditional wedding ceremonies, is quite popular. The ceremony symbolizes the joining of two individuals as one in marriage, and it can also represent the joining of families and the love they hold for the bride and groom. Typically, unity candle sets are used, but sand ceremony sets are gaining popularity as well. The act of combining two flames to light a single candle, or the combining of sand of different colors and joining them as one, is a beautiful representation of the couple as well as the joining of families in marriage. offers unique sand ceremony sets and unity candle sets, personalized to commemorate the union.Unity sand sets can be customized with any number of small vases to represent not just the bride and groom, but also children and extended families. The combining of different colors of sand is a visual representation of the importance of the union. As with the unity candle set, where the individual candles are blown out once the unity candle is lit, once the individual sand is used up the central vessel becomes the symbol of the couples’ permanent union. Unity sand sets are popular in weddings where the lighting of candles can be problematic, such as outdoor or beach weddings.

When looking for a unity candle set, look for one that compliments your theme, and think of where it can be displayed after the wedding as a reminder of the union. Our ceremony sand sets make great mantelpiece décor and are a beautiful visual reminder of the symbol of your love and commitment to one another and to the marriage.