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Unity Sand Ceremony Photo Frame Set

Unity Sand Ceremony Photo Frame Set

$ 53.95

This unity sand ceremony frame with photo insert is a beautiful wedding keepsake. Pictures can be placed into the frame, both before and after the wedding.

The top of the frame slides out for filling during the ceremony. Once the top is removed, a 5 by 7 inch photo can then be inserted inside of the frame. A clear panel is sandwiched in between the front of the frame and the back of the panel to hold the sand. The removable panel has a recessed area for a photo to be mounted onto when placed into the frame. Simply cut the photo to size, place the photo into the recessed area, and return the panel into the frame.

We recommend a piece of two-sided tape or mounting spray be used to secure the photo when inserting the panel back into the frame. The printed liner that comes with the frame has instructions for use and a template for cutting the photo to the perfect size. Everything included for a beautiful unity sand ceremony.

Measures 11.4 by 9.25 inches. Made of acrylic.

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