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Wedding Garters

In Western wedding tradition, a bride wears a garter to her wedding to be removed by the groom towards the end of the reception. The groom then tosses the garter to the unmarried male guests. The garter toss is typically done after the tossing of the bouquet. In most weddings, the man who catches the garter places it on the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet. The two are then encouraged to share the next dance. Throwing wedding garters is one of the oldest surviving wedding traditions. So when exactly should you do the garter toss? The bouquet toss is typically done after the cake cutting. You may choose to do the cake cutting ceremony first, have the caterer take the cake away to cut for guests while you do the bouquet toss and garter toss, and allow your guests to enjoy dessert once the ceremonies are over. Doing all three traditions consecutively ensures that your guests are paying attention and limits the number of interruptions during the reception. Holding the wedding garter toss ceremony near the end of the party just before the band plays their last set is an option that is highly recommended for those concerned about offending particular guests. By the end of the night, most younger kids have left as well as your older wedding guests who may feel uncomfortable about the racy garter reveal. Regardless of when you choose to do the wedding garter toss ceremony, make sure your photographer is present. Schedule your garter toss sometime before he or she has left. These moments need to be captured. In today's weddings, many brides choose to purchase a keepsake garter as well, making our wedding garter set collection ideal for any bride wishing to keep a little something from her big day. Where Brides Go offers the best selection of bridal garters online. We have something to match everyone's personality and wedding colors.