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Wedding Gift Card Holders

A wedding card box is essential for your reception or bridal shower. Wedding card boxes provide your guests with a place in which to put their card, and most often, their gift cards. Most of us have placed a gift card into an envelope and felt apprehensive that the bride or groom would lose the card if it is mixed in with traditional wedding presents. Helping guests know where to put their gift cards is one of the many reasons couples purchase a wedding card box. However, these gift card holders are becoming a magnet for wedding crashers with theft on their minds. There are a few ways you can prevent your wedding card box from being stolen. You should make the gift card display prominent and visible. Not only will this make it easier for guests to know where to put their gift cards, but it will also be more difficult to swipe the wedding card box without being noticed. Larger wedding card boxes such as our True Love Card Box, our Black Metal Castle Wedding Gift Card Holder, our Fairy Tale Carriage Wedding Gift Card Holder, and our Black Metal Eiffel Tower Card Box are prime examples of wedding card boxes that are quite visible if someone tried to walk away with them. Consider appointing a gift table attendant. By hiring a responsible family friend to chaperone the gift table, guests will be able to organize their presents and your gift card holder is safe. Once the party has started, move the gift card holder to a less public place such as a your reception site’s safety deposit box, a locked room, or in the trunk of a locked car located in a secure area. This goes for your wedding gifts as well. Now that you have a few ideas on how to keep your gifts and gift cards safe, browse through our unique selection of wedding card boxes and choose the one that will best represent your new union.