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Wedding Guest Book & Pen Sets

Long after the last guest leaves, the cake has been eaten, and the presents have been opened, you will have your wedding guest book. This is a very important part of your family history and shouldn’t be overlooked. Your wedding guest book records the friends and family that attended your wedding, and whether you opt for a traditional wedding guest book to place at the ceremony, or choose one of the many wedding guest book alternatives, make sure you honor this long-held tradition.

Today, you can find a large variety of wedding guest books in just about any color or theme you choose. You can also find a wide assortment of non-traditional wedding guest books that resemble scrapbooks more than traditional guest books, which include blank pages to encourage people to leave messages or even works of art.

Consider too the trend couples today are following, that of having more than one wedding guest book. One wedding guest book is placed at the venue of the ceremony, so that close friends and family sign in when they arrive at the wedding, and another wedding guest book that is placed at the reception. Many times the wedding ceremony itself is smaller than the reception, so this ensures that everyone gets to sign and hopefully leave a message to the happy couple.

At, we have an extremely large selection of wedding guest books to coordinate with any wedding style. From rustic to modern, or Bohemian to traditional, we offer one of the largest wedding guest book selections online. You’re sure to find the perfect guest book or two to ensure you have the perfect memento of your wedding that you can go back to time and again.