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Wedding Memorials

A recent addition to wedding planning has been the inclusion and creation of memorial candles for weddings to honor the memories of loved ones who have passed on. Through the use of these important items, these honored family members and their memory can be brought into your wedding day.

Memorial candles for weddings come in many styles. Traditional pillar candles with stands are engraved with the name of the loved one, along with an inspirational phrase or important dates. Candles can also float in a glass vase filled with water, with the candle floating on top, and is similarly inscribed.  

It is recommended to have a separate table for memorial candles. You can add pictures or framed photos so that everyone can take a moment to honor their life, or think about including a photo album to honor the influence this person had on your life. The lighting of the candle itself is up to you. You can choose to have your presiding minister or officiate light the candle as a way of beginning the processional, or you can light the memorial candle at the reception in a special place. There can be more than one memorial candle, of course. also carries a variety of memorial items to honor your loved ones, including ring bearer pillow imprinted with the image of your loved one, memorial vases for beautiful flower arrangements, printed and personalized handkerchiefs, box frames, bouquet buckles, and more.

Just because they’re gone, doesn’t mean they are forgotten. Keep in mind the importance of honoring the people who you wish to remember on this most important day with beautiful memorial candles for weddings.