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Wedding Table Markers & Place Card Holders

Most of us have attended a wedding, picked up our escort card, and found our table and wedding place cards without considering the amount of work that went into making this seating chart and picking out the perfect table number holder. Wedding place card holders are a unique way to reflect your individual style and personality. Use our elegant wedding table number holders to create signature looks of your own. Offer your guests a little treat before dinner when you greet them with wedding place cards that they can take home as keepsake favors after the reception. Finding wedding table number holders to display your seating arrangement festively will set the mood right away. Seating charts tend to be made at the end of the wedding planning process because you need to wait until after your RSVPs are in. It is also not a task you can delegate to someone else. You do not have to have a seating chart; you may just want to use wedding table numbers and allow your guests the freedom to choose their seats. No need to overthink it, weddings are stressful enough! Most of the time, guests will sit at their tables at maximum ninety minutes, and that is if they are sitting with someone they like. Your guests will have hours to socialize outside of the table, so unless you are planning on serving a six-course plated meal that will take three hours to eat, no need to create the perfect groups of eight. A popular option is to assign your guests to a specific table and have their keepsake wedding place card holders waiting for them at the table. This allows them to choose which seat they would prefer and get to bring home a small piece of your wedding. Regardless of what you choose to do concerning your seating arrangement, finding wedding place card holders that reflect your personalities and theme is an important element of your wedding planning.