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Toasting Flutes & Wedding Party Glassware

Good champagne flutes will keep your drink bubbly longer. Wedding champagne flutes are crucial to ensuring a perfect toast. First, you will need to decide on which order your toasts will go before the big day. Make sure everyone who is speaking knows when to do so and is prepared. You can always assign your best man or the leader of your wedding band to usher speakers to the microphone and keep your event on schedule. If you know that many of your guests will want to speak, you can limit the reception to the traditional toasts; one from the best man and the maid of honor, and one from the parents of the bride and groom. Other guests can then give their speeches during the rehearsal dinner. Try to schedule the toasts for an opportune moment during your reception. Many couples choose to toast with their wedding champagne flutes before or after cutting the cake since the crowd is already gathered. Another convenient time is around the meal, once everyone is seated, or spacing them between the courses. Traditionally, champagne or another sparkling wine is served for the toast. Some grooms and brides serve an especially tasty champagne in wedding toasting flutes just for this part of the evening. Your wedding flutes will be looked at by every guest attending your wedding; choosing the classical wedding flutes is a meaningful part of your planning. Toasts will include personal encounters of times spent with your guests and can sometimes bring a room full of people to tears as they look back and forth from you to their champagne glasses. Hopeful wishes for a happy future, personal advice, inspiration from historical quotes, literature, and even song lyrics are offered by your loved ones.   Represent your true selves and raise your glass for all to see with our vast collection of delicate flutes.