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9 1/4" Tall Table Lantern Centerpiece

9 1/4" Tall Table Lantern Centerpiece

$ 13.70
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1-3 $13.70
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8-11 $9.80
12+ $9.10
This lantern is constructed of all metal and has an ivory coated finish. The design has 4 sides with ivory metal criss-cross rib supports. On the front panel is a hinged door with a knob. By pulling the knob, you can open the metal tabs that lock the door in place. This allows you to easily open and close the door and place decorations or a candle inside the lantern without having to take it apart.

The classic turret-shaped top has a flat circular cover and holes for ventilation. Attached to the top is a convenient and sturdy metal handle that connects through the top and hooks onto the sides of the lantern.

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