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The Story

From the Owner:

I remember September 11, 1999 like it was yesterday. It was a cool day in Colorado Springs, and it was my wedding day. The ceremony was perfect at 4 PM in the stunning Air Force Academy Chapel. We had around 125 guests, a small bridal party, a short ceremony, and then a fabulous party at the Marriott Hotel.

The Story

Mike was an instructor at the US Air Force Academy and I was an engineer building web-based training at BAE Systems/Lockheed Martin. We were older for our first marriage ... I was 31 and Mike was 35. We had both just completed our Master's degrees at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. And believe it or not, "back in the day" (which doesn't seem so long ago), the Internet was nowhere close to what it is today.

While planning the wedding, I remember browsing online using search engines like,, and Google was around, but it was in its infancy in terms of users. People were still trying to figure out what "Google" meant. Pretty crazy, huh?

There was really only one wedding planning web site at the time,that was theKnot. It was very frustrating trying to find wedding resources online in 1999 because theKnot was only major market focused back then. If I wanted a photographer from Denver, LA, or New York,  no problem ... but there were really no online resources for the Colorado Springs area.

So ... I decided to build something to fix this problem right after my wedding. was born in 1999, followed by in 2000.

Fast forward 16 years…

Mike retired from the Air Force in 2009 (he spent 24 years in) and decided to come to work with me full-time on the business I had started 10 years prior. When he retired, we moved to Missouri to be closer to my family and we now work together every day from our home office.

The Story

Our now 16 year old company is called  MSW Interactive Designs. In addition to the wedding planning sites and our retail store, we are a website design and social media company. We have six full time employees who come to our home office every day and run the social media side of our business, another part time social media team member who works remotely, plus another full time employee who works from Virginia helping us with the website design and maintenance for all of our wedding sites and our other client business websites.

Who Handles

The daily operations is run by Duane out of St. Louis, Missouri. Trust me ... you couldn't be in better hands for your wedding supplies and accessories. He is not just a 9-5 employee ... he helped me build the business from the ground up and he cares about each and every bride that comes to the site. He personally handles every single detail of every single order ... and this is what separates us from the hundreds of other wedding supply stores online today. 

It has been amazing working with my husband and my small team of talented employees growing our wedding supplies website, our wedding planning websites, and our web design & social media business.

I couldn't ask for a better team for my business!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting with the most important day of your life. We are a friendly, close-knit group and we work very hard to keep all of our clients and customers happy.

~Sandy Waggett, Owner & MSW Interactive Designs LLC