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Tips for Creatively Naming Signature Wedding Cocktails

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 It's often the littlest details that make the biggest impact when you are planning a wedding. One small but fun way to incorporate a creative touch into the festivities is by serving a personalized signature cocktail at the reception. 

If you already have a favorite drink in mind, that part is easy. (If you don't, taste-testing and finding one could be a fun date night!) Coming up with a clever name for your drink of choice may not be as easy. has a few tips here that should get your creative juices flowing to help you find the perfect name.

Use "Wedding Words"

Using wedding-related words or phrases is a simple way to come up with a cute name. Just about any pink drink could be called a "Blushing Bride." For Bloody Mary drinkers, consider serving a "Bloody Marry Me." 

If one or both of you enjoy drinking Old Fashioneds, call it a "Something Old" in relation to the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." As a matter of fact, any cocktail with blueberries or a blue hue in it works with this idea too. If the budget allows, offer 4 signature drinks and do the entire phrase!

Find Inspiration Around You

You could pull inspiration for your signature wedding cocktail from the season or the town that you are getting married in. These elements may inspire a name and will definitely help you choose a drink to serve.

Another idea is to come up with a cute name that incorporates your occupation or a favorite hobby. If you happen to have first or last names that mirror particular drinks, then it shouldn't be too hard to put a personal twist on that particular cocktail name.  

Keep It Simple

The simplest way to plan for serving a signature wedding cocktail is to simply decide on your favorite drink and then use a generic yet perfect name for each. His favorite drink is labeled "The Mr." and hers is "The Mrs." Voila! A signature wedding cocktail idea with very little thought involved but still a wonderful addition to your wedding plans. 

Ask An Expert

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a signature wedding cocktail name that you both like, ask someone that deals with these drinks regularly. A seasoned bartender may be able to come up with a creative idea for you, especially if they work in a bar that hosts a lot of wedding receptions.

Some wedding vendors, like wedding coordinators and caterers, most likely have some great name ideas to share too. It doesn't matter if the name has been used before by another bride and groom. It will most likely be new to your wedding guests and if it fits the two of you as a couple, then use it. 

Our online wedding store does not sell the ingredients you'll need to mix up your drinks. We do, however, have many beautiful wedding toasting flutes and other types of glassware, personalized cocktail napkins, and other items that will allow you to serve that signature drink beautifully to all of your guests.

Take a little time to browse the pages of There you'll find lots of inspiration for all kinds of wonderful wedding planning ideas.  


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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