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Pre-Wedding Parties - Who Is Invited To What?

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  Figuring out exactly who will be on your wedding guest list is an important task to tackle early in the stages of wedding planning. Knowing the number of people to expect will affect many other decisions about the wedding, especially if you are trying to stick to a strict budget.  After you have that out of the way, you'll also need to come up with mini guest lists for all of the pre-wedding parties that will happen before the wedding day even arrives. has a few tips for you today to first, get on top of the big...

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Your One-Stop Shop for Before, During, & Even After the Wedding

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  Our tagline states a very important (and very truthful) fact about our online wedding store. We are"Where brides go for what brides love!"  You will find just about everything you need for your wedding day at, but you may not realize that we also carry lots of wonderful items for all of those pre-wedding parties plus home decor items, gifts, and anniversary ideas that will come in handy after the wedding day too!   Pre-Wedding Parties Many celebrations will take place before the "big day" arrives. There will be engagement parties to enjoy, bridal showers to attend, and bachelorette parties with your gal pals before the wedding day...

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How to Make a Bridal Shower Fun & Memorable

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  Whether you’re a family member, one of the bridesmaids, or the maid of honor, you may find yourself in charge of planning a bridal shower. Typically held between two months to two weeks before the wedding, the bridal shower serves as a pre-wedding celebration to honor the bride (and sometimes the groom too.) Today, has some helpful tips on how to create a bridal shower that both the bride and the guests will enjoy. Deck Out the Bride Since the bride is the star of the party, make her feel extra special by giving her some bridal accessories to wear. To...

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Everything You Need For Before, During, and After the Wedding

anniversary parties bachelorette parties bridal showers home decor honeymoon and travel ideas vow renewals wedding planning weddings is "Where brides go for what brides love!" You'll find a lot more there than just wedding ceremony and reception decorations and accessories in our online wedding store though. We also carry everything you need for your pre-wedding parties, some terrific items you can use for the honeymoon, accent pieces to display in your new home, and even things you can use to throw an incredible wedding anniversary party years later.   Before the Wedding There will be engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties before the wedding day happens. Whether the plan is to host a small, quiet celebration in...

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