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How to Make a Bridal Shower Fun & Memorable

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Whether you’re a family member, one of the bridesmaids, or the maid of honor, you may find yourself in charge of planning a bridal shower. Typically held between two months to two weeks before the wedding, the bridal shower serves as a pre-wedding celebration to honor the bride (and sometimes the groom too.)

Today, has some helpful tips on how to create a bridal shower that both the bride and the guests will enjoy.

Deck Out the Bride

Since the bride is the star of the party, make her feel extra special by giving her some bridal accessories to wear. To help her achieve her ultimate bride status, have her wear something white (think a cute white sundress, white jeans, or a white skirt). To top off her look, purchase a bride to be veil and sash. Not only will she stand out from the guests, but her bridal attire will also look great in photos.

Create a Photo Booth

Speaking of photos, an interactive photo booth is a fun activity that both the bride and guests can participate in. To do this, hang up a backdrop that matches the theme of the shower, hang up our “Bride to Be” bunting and offer fun props to take photos with (think feather boas, funky hats, and a chalkboard where people can write fun messages). Guests can either use their phones to take pictures or better yet, provide a polaroid camera so that they can take home the fun photos as souvenirs.

Table Settings

Guests will need somewhere to sit to eat cake or finger foods, play games, and watch the bride open her presents. For simple and cute tables, use some tablecloths that fit the color theme. Matching disposable place settings like cups, plates, and paper napkins are an inexpensive and easy way to fit the bridal shower theme. Finish off the tables with a fun centerpiece. 


A great bridal shower isn’t complete without a couple of fun games. Feature a game that will last all shower-long with our Bridal Shower Ring Game. Guests receive fake wedding rings at the beginning of the shower and if someone catches them saying the word “wedding” during the shower, they can confiscate that person's ring.

The guest with the most rings at the end wins. For more games to feature during the shower, check out our bridal shower game dice or our set of four bridal shower games which includes four unique and exciting games for guests to play. Games are a great way to get guests involved! Feature some prizes like little goodie bags for the winners of each game.

Bonus: Thank You Note Help

As guests get to the shower, ask them to write their name and address on the front of an envelope that you provide for them. That way when the bride goes to write thank you notes, she doesn’t have to dig for their address! This ensures that everyone that took the time to attend the shower will receive a thank you note and the bride can spend the extra free time on wedding planning.

We know there are a lot of events to plan when the time comes to say “I Do.” You can count on to help make your wedding and the celebrations leading up to it beautiful. With a large selection of unique wedding accessories, affordable wedding collections, and inexpensive bridesmaids’ gifts, you’re sure to find what you need to make this time in your life extra special.

~ The Team

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