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Wedding Websites - What to Include to Keep Guests In-The-Know

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There are many "to-dos" that go into planning a wedding before you get to say "I do." While building a wedding website isn't a necessity, it is an extremely helpful tool for keeping guests well-informed. 

This online tool allows you to share detailed instructions that are too lengthy to put on an invitation and include information that is not "appropriate" to list on the invites (like gift registries.)  To help get you started, has created a list of things that can easily be included on your wedding website. 

The Details

Obviously, you will want to include all of the same major details that are also on the wedding invitation, such as the date, time, venue, and of course, your names! There is a lot more space on website pages than on the paper invitation, so this is the perfect place to elaborate on those details. 

Here you can inform guests if it is an "adults only" wedding or if you choose to host an "unplugged" event (meaning no cell phones or photos during the wedding.) If you will be allowing guests to photograph the festivities, this is a good spot to include your wedding hashtag. In other words, say here what you don't have room to (or shouldn't) say on paper. 

Travel & Hotel Info

Include a section for anyone traveling with information on places to stay in the area. If you have a hotel block booked with discounted rooms, this is the place to share those details too. 

You can also list directions to the venue (or venues) where wedding festivities will take place. Most wedding websites will have a way for you to add a direct link to online maps to make things even easier. 

Wedding Attire Tips

It is acceptable to let guests know how to dress for the wedding on the invitation with phrases like "cocktail attire" or "semi-formal." The website lets you go into more helpful details about how guests should dress for the wedding. Let them know what the weather is expected to be like on your wedding weekend or clue them in to the fact that the ground at your outdoor wedding isn't exactly "high heel-friendly." 

Registry Details

Wedding etiquette experts all agree that you should never put gift registry information on wedding invitations. The website, on the other hand, is the perfect place to share this. You can also add direct links to the stores where you are registered to make the shopping even easier for guests. 

Preferred Contact Info

Collecting RSVPs on your wedding website can help you to keep that aspect of the planning well-organized. You can also let guests know how to best reach out if they have additional questions.

Let them know if you prefer phone calls, texts, or emails. A special email address set up specifically for wedding correspondence is a good way to keep track of these and make sure they don't get lost in your regular email inbox. 

A Schedule of Events

Letting everyone know the wedding day schedule of events ahead of time can help to ease the flow of everything when that day comes. If you are planning different events over a few days, put those wedding weekend details here. You might also include some fun facts and interesting things to do and see in the area for out of town guests. 

Your Love Story

Once you get the major details down, it's time to start working on the fun stuff! This is a wonderful place to tell the tale of your love story so far. Explain how you met and how the proposal happened. Most guests will consider this their favorite part of your website! 


Add to the love story by sharing photos of life leading up to your special day. This is also the perfect place to show off all of those gorgeous engagement photos you had taken. 

Introduce the Wedding Party

Some couples like to introduce the special people in their wedding party to guests on the wedding website. Write a short blurb about how you met each of them and include a photo of the two of you together. 

Honeymoon Info

Once you've got the honeymoon details planned, that makes a wedding page that guests enjoy reading too. Show them where you get to spend some quality "husband & wife" time after you tie the knot. You may even be able to share some photos on the page after you get back. 

Wedding websites are an excellent tool for keeping your guests in the loop plus gives them a wonderful way to get to know you both as a couple a little better. Watching the details unfold on the website also adds to the excitement of your upcoming nuptials. 

You can find many different free wedding website builders with a simple internet search. Choose a template that fits your wedding style and is both easy for you to build and easy for guests to navigate. If you need a bit of help deciding on the style of your wedding, head on over to our online wedding store. It's full of wonderful wedding inspiration as well as all the things you need to create your dream wedding. 


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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