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10 of Our Favorite Wedding Cake Toppers

Among the many, many online wedding accessories that we carry at, one of the most interesting items to browse through are the fantastic wedding cake tops. There seriously is a style for everyone out there! Romantic, whimsical, rustic, traditional, funny, sporty, seasonal, elegant... the list goes on and on.

While we love each and every one of them for unique reasons, here are 10 that happened to catch our eye today. (Of course, if we look through them again and you ask us tomorrow, we'll probably have a different list to share. They are all so gorgeous!) 


This "A Look of Love" wedding cake top is pure romance! The couple gazes lovingly into each other's eyes, looking as if they are about to sneak a kiss. It looks wonderful sitting on the edge of any wedding cake layer, and it can even be displayed on a bridge between two cake towers. 

Our "Contemporary Love Birds" wedding cake top is just the thing for true lovebirds. The theme is timeless with a contemporary look, creating a truly romantic topper for your cake or even a beautiful centerpiece. 

For the couple with a good sense of humor, or that happen to be avid fishermen, this "Gone Fishing" wedding cake top will humor your guests. It's fun, playful, and demonstrates that the bride found her perfect match searching among the many "fish in the sea." 

The "Coastal Shells" wedding cake top is excellent for any seaside wedding on the beach, or for the couple that loves the sea, sand, and fun. A lovely bit of nature perched high on top of your wedding cake. 

Here's another one for any couple that loves being near the water. Our "Row Away" wedding cake top features newlyweds sharing an intimate embrace before rowing away into their new life together. A nice alternative to the classic wedding getaway car. 

This "Vintage Double Heart" wedding cake top uses the classic design of intertwined hearts and gives it a vintage feel. It's hand-painted in ivory with rubbed-in gold leaf accents for a gorgeous finish, and the solid round base has a detailed filigree design to blend beautifully with your wedding cake. 

For the couple that is so perfect together that marriage will be a walk in the park for them, we have the "Sitting Pretty in the Park" wedding cake top. Romance is definitely in the air with this bride cuddled up snuggly against her groom on a park bench.  

Any couple that is planning a wedding for next fall can bring the seasonal theme to the top of their wedding cake with this "Simply Autumn" wedding cake top. The heart signifies the love between the two of you, and the beautiful maple leaf design signifies the when season you'll finally say, "I do." 

For that fairytale romance, we've got the "Prince & Princess" wedding cake top. If you've always dreamed of your wedding being just like that romantic moment when Cinderella fell for her Prince Charming, this is the cake topper for you. 

Last, but certainly not least, our "Tie the Knot" acrylic heart cake top is simple yet sweet. The modern heart-shaped topper is cut from acrylic and can be engraved with your names and the wedding date. After your special day, this will be a fabulous keepsake to display in your home. You'll remember all of the wonderful moments from your wedding day each time that you see it. 

This list is only a very small sample of the numerous wedding cake toppers that you will find in our online store. It's definitely worth taking a few minutes to click on over to the wedding cake tops section of and look through the unique designs we have, most of which can be personalized in one way or another, including customized hair colors. You're sure to find something that sums up the two of you beautifully!  

~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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