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5 More Fun Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable

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Last week's blog, 5 Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable, was filled with ideas to create fun and memorable moments at your wedding. Today we've got five more wedding planning ideas for you to create a ceremony and reception that will really stand out. 

Include Snack Breaks

Rather than just planning for appetizers during the cocktail hour and dinner later, keep guests well-fed at different points throughout the reception. It will keep their energy high to keep the party going plus offer an interesting break to enjoy a newly introduced activity. 

Late-night snacks, like pizza toward the end of the evening or baskets of french fries with different dipping sauces, is a great pick-me-up after dancing all night. Having this catered is a possibility or you could even hire a food truck to roll up at some point. Another way to go is the sweet route. Offer a variety of cookies, a donut station, or an ice-cream sundae bar right about the time everyone needs a sugar rush. 

Creatively Top the Cake

Speaking of sweet treats, the wedding cake is a beautiful focal point at the reception. Take advantage of showing off your personality and style with the wedding cake topper. has a wonderful variety of different styles available. Most of these can be personalized for free with either a monogram, your names and wedding date, and in some cases, hair and skin colors to match the two of you. Cake toppers can also be used as wedding decor on a table or possibly a groom's cake as well, just in case you find more than one you simply have to have!  

Go Beyond Dancing

Wedding receptions usually end with a DJ or band and a big dance party. Surprise your guests with some fun activities in addition to hitting the dance floor. Some people prefer not to dance and those that do enjoy it will appreciate this activity when they take a break from the music. 

Lawn games are perfect for a group of people to enjoy together if you have enough space for them. You could even set up a board to keep track of the winners tournament-style and give away a prize at the end of the night. Setting up a scavenger hunt can be lots of fun too. Make it a photo scavenger hunt and end up with tons of extra fun photos after the wedding. 

Make a Wardrobe Change

Many couples prefer to stay in their wedding attire from beginning to end. After all, this is very likely the only time you will be wearing that gorgeous bridal gown. (Unless you put it back on for a vow renewal in a few years!) 

For those couples that would like to "slip into something more comfortable" once the reception is in full swing, planning a wardrobe change gives you a chance to make another grand entrance. It could be a more casual version of what you wore to the wedding or a complete style change from wedding white to bright and colorful. 

Get Comfy

Even if you don't plan on changing your entire outfit at the wedding reception, consider having some comfortable back-up shoes to wear after the formal stuff is over. The prettiest wedding shoes usually aren't the most pleasant to wear for long periods of time.

Remember the guests too.  You could provide a bucket of flip-flops (in your wedding colors, of course) for them to throw on if they feel the need to kick off their own shoes. 

The ideas we've offered should get your own imagination going. Think about the activities you enjoy doing together and then create ways to include those in your wedding ceremony and reception. For additional ideas, you can always turn to our online wedding store. There you'll find all kinds of beautiful items for creating a memorable wedding day.  


~The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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