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Creative Ideas for Numbering Wedding Reception Tables

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If you are planning a wedding reception with a seating chart, the tables will need to be labeled so that everyone can easily find their spots. You can go all the way and assign each seat with place cards or simply assign groups of people to a specific table with escort cards or a posted seating chart. 

Both of those styles require you to have each table labeled with a number, a name, or some other type of way to distinguish between them. has a few ideas for you in today's blog to get your own creative ideas flowing. 

Sweet & Simple

You don't have to put a whole lot of time and thought into this aspect of the wedding decorations. Simply having a sign with a number printed on it gets the job done and you can spend more time making other parts of the wedding unique. Our online wedding store has many lovely pre-printed options to match just about every type of wedding style. 

Decorative Frames

Frames are another wonderful way to display each table's number. You could even use photographs of the two of you in those frames, possibly holding giant numbers. Numbers could also be added with photo-editing tools.  

Use the Centerpiece

You can incorporate the centerpiece decor into your table labeling system. Wrapping the number around a candle, a vase, or even a bottle of wine that the guests at that table will be sharing looks nice. It also saves space on the table by letting that decoration do double-duty for both beauty and information.  

Incorporate Themes

If you're the type of couple that wants to get creative and go beyond just numbers at each reception table, you might consider giving each one a theme. For example, you could name the tables after places you have visited or would like to visit. Another idea is to use a different type of flower or a specific color to designate the different tables. Things you love make great themes too, like favorite sports teams if you are both fans or favorite books. 

These ideas from our online wedding store should get your own great ideas flowing. Once you decide on a plan for numbering your reception tables, you should be able to find the items you need to implement that plan beautifully at

You will also find matching escort cards, place cards, additional wedding table decorations, and so much more! Browse our gorgeous wedding items online and be inspired to create the wedding you've always dreamt about! 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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