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Fun Ideas for a Bachelorette Party to Remember

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Every bride deserves a bachelorette party that gives her a chance to enjoy hanging out with all of her gal pals one last time as a single woman. Most people assume this means a drunken night out on the town but it doesn't have to be that way. (Of course, if that does sound like a fun time to you, go for it! Just be sure to drink responsibly.) 

If you've been dreading the idea of this tradition because of the stereotype surrounding it, has a few bachelorette party ideas for you in today's blog that may fit your idea of fun a lot better. Remember, it's your night! Do what makes you happy.

Make it a Spa Day

Every girl loves to be pampered. Your bachelorette party could be the perfect excuse to finally have that much-needed spa day with your girlfriends. After all of that wedding planning, this relaxation could be exactly what you need! 

Party on the Water

If you'll be celebrating your upcoming nuptials in the summer or at a sunny location, a pool party is a great way to chill out with your girlfriends and enjoy a little fun in the sun. 

If you have the opportunity to get out on a nearby lake, take to the open water instead. Rent a boat with a knowledgable captain and spend the day playing on the water or chilling out in a nice, quiet cove. 

Have a Sleepover

This one's a classic! Grab your PJs, a bunch of snacks, and a few chick flicks and get ready for a night of nostalgia & good laughs. You could do all of the fun things you did as a kid like paint nails, braid hair, gossip about the guys, etc... You could also have some grown-up fun and invite a consultant that sells lingerie or adult toys. 

Get Crafty

Sign the gang up to learn something new or have fun making something together. Wine & Paint Nights are happening all over the country. They might even be able to theme that night's painting to your party. If cooking is more your thing, find a cooking class to take together. You could even use this get-together to craft a few items for the wedding. 

Get Out of Town

Instead of just one night, make an entire weekend of it! Find a destination that sounds fun and book your tickets. It could be a tour through wine country, a ski trip to the mountains, heading outdoors glamping, or even an adventurous couple of days at a theme park. 

A bachelorette party doesn't have to be an alcohol-heavy night full of raunchy behavior. (Unless, of course, you want it to be! Once again, it's your night!) This celebration is really all about spending some quality time alone with your friends before beginning your life as a part of a "team" with your new husband. 

When it comes to finding bachelorette party decorations and favors, is the perfect place to send the party hosts. Our online wedding store not only carries just about everything you need for the ceremony and reception. It also features items for throwing all of those pre-wedding parties and even some wonderful home decor items that will come in handy after the wedding. Take a look around and be inspired.  


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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